1. Grant Koblis says

    Are boxing and wrestling movies like Rocky Balboa and 2008 The wrestler martial arts too?

  2. Anis Ettehadulhagh says


  3. scott fishkind says

    I recently purchased this at a used bookstore and it's really great!:)

  4. Michael Neal says

    Happy Sabbath

  5. Michael Neal says

    Loving this documentary

  6. DarkDan3 says

    Also 1:21:00 when you realize that the trailer fight scene in Kill Bill Vol 2 between the bride and Ellie there's practically a shot for shot remake of this exact scene.

  7. DarkDan3 says

    Really sad that they didn't cover Japanese martial arts films And Samurai movies. Like the sonny chiba movies karate bullfighter etc and the ogami ito films.

  8. Jiyukan says

    To bad someone had the bright idea to zoom to deep into it, otherwise an entertaining summary of martial arts history in movies.

  9. Jonathon Bevers says

    Bruce Lee was the most influential Martial Artist of All-Time and his philosophy of adapting to any style is what led to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) today and used in organizations like the UFC!

  10. David36WA says

    @39:11 Hong Kong isn't a country, it's a City in China.

  11. J. S.P. says

    Actually they're half-right: Bruce Lee was BORN in San Francisco. He was RAISED in Hong Kong. He didn't come back to the US until he turned 18.

  12. J.C. Tavares says

    49:57 Bruce Lee´s son,Brandon Lee (R.I.P.)

  13. Vykuntapu Vinod Kumar says


  14. Vykuntapu Vinod Kumar says


  15. Ricky Parfitt says

    Good watch thanks 😀

  16. henok ghebreghergis says

    Bruce lee could truly do much better than kick three times 39:34

  17. 808 Music says

    Unfortunately south and eastern Asians aren't being recognised as actors… "only action stars".It's a shame Asians only needed in this genre. In time they will be accepted as actors. Hell with Hollywood?

  18. Jason Reynolds says

    The best doc on martial arts films on YouTube that I've seen yet. The distinction between mainland Mandarin films looking to the Shaolin style / heritage versus the Cantonese-Hong Kong style oriented in Peking Opera tropes and training is, to my knowledge, explicated in a clear and insightful way.

  19. JJerseyGirl says

    Looking for another documentary like this one but they are talking about the women of early Chinese films like Cheng Pei Pei also the Shaw brothers. I remember they talked about Lin Dai she was one of those women and she killed herself.

  20. Pendekar Kost says

    Here just to see Jackie Chan

  21. light azn says

    seems like samuel l jackson is best cast to narate this type of docmentary

  22. Mony Nhem says

    The brain aneurysm is maybe cause by a lot of stress, who's knows.

  23. David Lea says

    A lot of you are overstating your case. Yes the genre could be be attributed to both western and Japanese influences and directors, or Chinese martial arts, but i believe that more than any other genre, martial arts movies are only as good as the talent that work in it. Martial arts movie would not exist if it weren't dedicated, brutal sometimes lethal effort that many put into it, risking injury, debilitation, death, in return for meagre returns and recognition. They would not exist if it weren't for Bruce Lee, the seven little fortunes, Lau Kar Hung Kuen disciples, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Yuen Woo Ping, with their backgrounds in martial arts, spending all their lives (some 40 years) in the genre. And i haven't mentioned all the other actors, actresses and stuntmen. It is for this reason, that as these people age, the genre wanes until they can find new people to carry the torch. And i fear these people are thin on the ground!

  24. roysuomki says


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