♪ Color Pulse LIVE ? Caitlin Koi Music Video – Splatoon 2



Of course I get my capture card AFTER Splatfests stop… but then Mayo vs Ketchup came back to the game and I had to take advantage and film my own version! I will always be thankful for ProfessorDoktorGamer getting me footage for my previous videos. But it was so rewarding to have complete control over the angles I got for this.

This being the live version of the song, I had to do a lot of extra editing to fit these clips of the in-game version to it. I hope you like it!

Color Pulse – Splatoon 2 Live in Makuhari ~Tentalive~ 2019

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  1. Caitlin Koi says

    No lyrics this time! This is technically my 4th time doing a Color Pulse video, and I wanted to focus on editing rather than the lyrics.

    I recorded each clip with stick controls so I had a still canvas to remove the "show cursor" boxes (a process you can see here https://youtu.be/MWfBsphrzHA ), the hand-held camera shakes were then added in post.

  2. Dylann Page says

    Team mayo tho?

  3. Aileen Murray says

    pearl rapped her ears off

  4. Edgy Enoch says

    1:23 me spamming "This Way!"

  5. Alice Vidal says

    Ketchup or Mayo ?

  6. The Newest Squidbeak Splatoon LilyRoseSunflower says

    poor dood: what kind of music do you li-me: SQUIDpoor dood: wha-Me: *slams hands on table* YOU HEARD ME. SQUID

  7. Sharkbytes says

    Being able to listen to this music again in the game… Lets go team eggsss!

  8. Lorenzo Menezes says

    Marina: * sings *Pearl: Random moves

  9. Samuel S says

    Am i the only one ho misses splatfest's

  10. MC Princess says

    All right im not gona lie i have 210 (about) artworks on my no.coler app. (The coler range is 79-81) im not joking but most of them is from these videos and your octoprism too. Some are from other channels but most is from here this channel! (I will take a long time to do it lul)

  11. Octo Nerd119 says

    Vemo Productions should’ve be called Veemo ProductionsMissed opportunity

  12. Máximo Livi says

    that B A S S . Hey, maybe i should ask Davie to play this on the B A S S.

  13. ITS WOOMY TIME says

    Pearls eyes match the mayo lol

  14. Ethan Oro says

    I’m playing this at my wedding….

  15. みゆZOOチャンネル says


  16. Døisy DD7 says

    Now for more perfection this needs an 8D version

  17. Chase Simpson says

    2:06 switches two first splatfest

  18. Athena Watts says

    Anyone else think that Marina’s clothes don’t quite fit her right? I mean, I did a 20 Questions game with friends and one of them was thinking Marina, and one of us asked “Do her clothes not fit her?” and they answered yes, and we immediately guessed Marina

  19. DaisyTheOctoling says

    Im using this song for my new intro if that's ok

  20. Onita Korgay says

    Pearl is never going to grow more hair than that but Marina has her full hair length

  21. Onita Korgay says

    Oh this song for the no lyrics version at the end of color pulse is fly Octo Fly

  22. Onita Korgay says

    I can hear she is say love star people say music better have your style wake up little star we can move your body

  23. B.G. says

    How can assist at a splat Fest ?

  24. Naomi Rijntjes says

    I love splatoon!!!!!! You are amezing!

  25. incomporeal gaming says

    Me: is depressedCatlin koi: may I offer you a bit of music during these trying times?

  26. Erica's Pictures says

    I participated in this and won 100x for team ketchup

  27. TheRobloxKid says

    I can still hear the catlin koi lyrics. Now its stuck in my head

  28. Kraken Sistahs says

    Oops sorry!

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