1. Rurou’ni Lee says

    0:23 clap once is enough as Senso-ji is a temple…

  2. よね旅 says


  3. ミニチュアブルドック says


  4. อิ่มหมี Imm mhee says

    Good VDO^^Can you check my channel and tell me what you think?:)

  5. Nerlit Aleksandra says

    Great job! Where is that place from 1:41?:)

  6. David Da Twin says

    Nice video

  7. kazekozo 8life says

    kawaii peace

  8. labetejaune says

    nice editing! how many hour for this great job?

  9. Jessica Ballesty says

    What temple at 0:21?

  10. Amerul Shah says

    Wonderful Vlog. Thanks for Sharing !

  11. Fachry Alfaridzi says

    Awesome video

  12. Luke n Caro Wittig says

    Great vid!

  13. Audrina Hua says

    love the vlog! 

    If you don't mind me asking….
    1) what airplane brand and airport did you take to Japan and back? (i.e HND, Nairta?)
    2) How early did you booked your tickets and hotels? (i.e three months in advance?)

  14. Carlos Carrillo says

    Hey Guys I just Loved your Video, I hope I would do a similar work with muy go pro, just a question: which program did you use to edit, and how did you rid of the fish eye. I suscribed to your channel, good luck.

  15. Sam Yap says

    Hi Nick, may i know the GoPro what video setting you setup ?

  16. noboru kugata says

    迷惑ですGetting in the track is a crime
    Manor Let's protect
    It is annoying

  17. Michal Stejskal says

    Lovely 🙂

  18. ちょこころね says

    線路内立入犯罪 通報‼️

  19. Luke n Caro Wittig says

    Great edit

  20. Jm Yumul says

    What transition did you use starting 0:56? nice vid!

  21. trishainthekitchen says

    Loved the editing from 00:561:12! How did you do it?

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