【4K】WALK MIAMI BEACH South Beach 4k SLOW TV travel video Bikini Beach USA


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4k walk , a documentary slow tv travel channel is featuring a series of 4k video walks in Florida. This is a walk in South Beach, Miami Beachs: A perfect place for a beach vacation, summer or winter.

【4K】WALK MIAMI BEACH South Beach 4k SLOW TV travel Bikini video USA

Enjoy this reality tv travel video in Miami Beach 4k, Miami 2020 ! This is USA 4k. Take a virtual walk, virtual hike with me. You will enjoy this walking tour relaxing on the beach, a special one among city walks. Nice people having fun. Also check other videos of this Miami vlog on this channel.

Tourism in Miami Florida, United States. Bikini beach

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  1. 4K WALK says

    If you like my videos, you can support my channel via PayPal using this linkhttps://bit.ly/2q0kHmgAlso, you can always help my channel grow with a LIKE on the videos and a COMMENT. No money needed for that

  2. Chirayut Pittalapha says


  3. Zady Oramas Amador says

    Totalmente hermosooo

  4. Hiền vlogs says

    Tuyet qua

  5. Hoten Hitonokoe says

    nice video

  6. jkkijlk jyh says

    ثبارك الله خيرات مولانا (( bikini good))

  7. Masta Filta says

    My greetings to Miami people!

  8. Chris Gonz says

    I right now dont want to be in miami because of the covid 19 but miami is my favorite city best city in the world best beaches best scenery best nightclubs bars and the best hottest girls women in the world.

  9. bld9696 says

    Back in the 90's, South Beach was full of beautiful topless Hispanic women with dental floss bottoms. Now it's nothing but fat families. It really sucks now.

  10. Sergey says

    Пляж конечно классный и береговая линия большая, но самое главное что народа не так много как в Сочи…

  11. Jagdeep singh Gagga singh says


  12. Hamidul Islam says


  13. Hi Walker 하이워커 says

    I wanna walk~^^

  14. علي السماوي says

    I'm want girl from that place ???

  15. TwinCityTone says

    11:38 dude got caught taking his side chick to the beach. LOL

  16. mariundjens says

    wau tolle Frauen hier…

  17. Parami Hettiarachchi says

    Im new to this channel!Coooool!!!!!!

  18. mas Rudi says

    Pijat jakarta 081291718144 makasih ya

  19. Marsala Bravo says


  20. brooksy 20 says

    Beautiful footage bro, cant believe how clean the beach is after all these years of international publicity

  21. Jeff N says

    The bobbing up and down got pretty annoying. Otherwise good work.

  22. berqo says


  23. حافظ مسك says

    How i want to go her and swime

  24. نصائح و منوعات للنساء فقط says

    الجزائريين ديرو جام ههه

  25. Abdenacer Zemmouri says

    I hope to live in Miami. I love Miami so much

  26. Sucha Singh says

    India wale like karee

  27. Hương Sen TV says


  28. Jomarena says

    Nice beach!

  29. Marlies OBrien says

    I lived 20on Miami Beach I always missed it Miami is Beautiful I will come back I miss the people the Beach Very nice See you soon

  30. Евгений Евгеньев says

    Как в Сочи ,в октябре!!

  31. Евгений Евгеньев says

    Смотрю и думаю… Чего не хватает?! А вот чего: ХОЛОДНОЕ ПИВО,ВАРЁНЫЕ РАКИ,СЕМЕЧКИ! А так типичный Сочи,только отдыхающих маловато,как в мае месяце . ; )

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