【4K】WALK Nice FRANCE 4k video FRENCH RIVIERA Travel channel


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【4K】WALK Nice FRANCE 4k video FRENCH RIVIERA Travel channel

Walking in France! Street walk in Nice in the French Riviera. This reality tv 4k walking tour features city streets and beaches of this lovely place in the Cote d’Azur. Virtual hike with me! Great place for tourism and a beach vacation. Let’s virtual walk there! You may find chic and glamour. Watch the other videos on this channel too. Amazing city walks. Please like this video and suscribe to the channel! This is a slow tv, reality tv, 4k documentary travel channel. This is the place for a virtual tour.

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  1. 4K WALK says

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  2. Abdhul Ghoni says

    Seperti belut ( welut ) ya


    اكبر خطأ ان تبرمج عطلتك للذهاب إلى فرنسا.

  4. Noraini Ambrose says

    Be careful tsunami.???????

  5. Noraini Ambrose says

    Uui..sleep in the beach ..???

  6. Noraini Ambrose says

    Nice view..????

  7. Charles Abernathy says

    The turquoise and azure beach is extraordinarily lovely.

  8. Ramesh Chandra Sharma says


  9. Ramesh Chandra Sharma says


  10. Ramesh Chandra Sharma says

    French class Nice [city].

  11. J R Marak says

    WOW very beautiful beach i liked that

  12. Lal Ratan says


  13. Meraj Siddiqui says

    Nice is nice place to visit and walk in beautiful restaurants and beach.

  14. Meyer Mica says

    What would the French do without the Italians ??

  15. Theressa Murphy says

    Nice is wonderful…do go there…you will be glad you did!! If you are going to the beach when coming out of the water..it is a little steep? Wear water shoes because of the pebbles…

  16. Paul Mario says

    Thanks for your beautiful work and for telling us what equipment you used. As a photographer, I've always been curious about this because the images are so spectacular and there is little camera movement. I've been to Nice several times and I'd love to go back. It's also a great starting point for cheap bus trips up and down the coast into Monaco and Menton, etc. On a large screen, the videos are like being there. Thanks again.

  17. alexander alves says

    Deitar-se e andar em cima de cascalhos não deve ser agradável.

  18. alam khan says

    It is sooooooooooooooo good and thanks for this effort

  19. Joe sample says

    bodrum mixed with mahmoud pascha

  20. Peter Chen says

    Nice video guide don’t say anything but know n understand many things

  21. Michy G says

    It is a good video. I like the city of Nice ! But I don't like the rocky Nice beach!

  22. César Abrego Ramírez says

    Demasiado movidas las tomas, no permiten apreciar.

  23. Gerard Bouquin says

    Es mi duda.

  24. Rakham Sher says

    Palace marriage single I'm PAKISTAN

  25. Steven Khol says

    Nice is good place like canna.

  26. Araya Kudus says

    Where is it? Sorry

  27. Mony Ly Daily Life says

    Very beautiful Town ,, Nice Thank you for sharing!!!

  28. Kiệt Trần says

    Chúc giai tri . Bài bien . Khuc vuc .phap . Có cup ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.cac dien vien nữ . Nguoi mau nư . MC . ĐÊ PHONG BIET . PHUP AN LANH . PHAP .

  29. Michelle K says

    When I was there all of the ladies were TOPLESS, and I, too, took off my top. Seriously, this video is inaccurate. All the French ladies sunbathe topless.

  30. Andy Patterson says

    The beaches of Cobenhaagen Denmark are better in everyway/ Better for sun tan or sun sun. And sand not pebbles

  31. Alexandre Freitas says

    Cidade linda ,achei diferente as praias não tem areia só pedras abraço aqui do Rio de janeiro ????

  32. mohssin imaounen says

    8:18 hhh you got balls

  33. Armando Fernandez says

    Nun camudo nada ka mio fermosa Nice. Igual que fae 20 años.

  34. Ferdinando Mugnatto says

    Inadmissível você querer conhecer uma cidade é não ter nenhum comentário legendado ou audio

  35. Chee Kee Foong says


  36. Chee Kee Foong says


  37. Martin Fernandez says

    I don't know how famous is this beach, any beach in Mexico is better than this one.

  38. شادي محمد says

    احا ده فرنسا ، عمار يا مصر

  39. Graham Ledger says

    About as exciting as watching paint dry……

  40. Ollex Чабан says

    Lived there for 10 days. Went thru all the coast from Italy to Spain. Wonderful lifetime memories. THANK YOU France & french people! ?❤!

  41. Anthony Campagnolo says

    Rocks on the beach…..Rocks in their heads…..ugly beach…I am not interested in it, no sand but rocks…oh well I suppose when that's all you got why not pretend it is comfortable

  42. LuizF Maluta says

    só tem baranga !! tô FORA !! vou pra Espanha !!

  43. Rhett Butler says

    The beaches in Nice are definitely overrated. I don't know anybody who likes a beach made of rocks or gravel. I was there only a few weeks ten years ago. Too many people now. There's a lot of traffic on the main drag next to the beach. If you just walk a little inland, the city is usually pretty quiet believe it or not.

  44. Linda Siwalette says

    I've been in nice many time ….

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