Well, as the last bastion of Serbdom and of Europe – Montenegro, fell to the Coronavirus (first two infected were registered today), all I can say to my fellow Serbs and people around the world is – We’re not afraid! We’ll fight this virus with the same courage as we did all our other enemies! To victory!

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  1. Princip Gavrilo says

    Serbia vs whole world. Alone against all!??????

  2. Nick Jfac says


  3. Nick Jfac says

    Κορόϊδο virus .Κοροϊδο means being naive and beleive what the polititian puppets say be4 elections and next they fuk u up?Υου have been fulled virus

  4. Nick Jfac says

    Palm trees and swiss mountains background? Nice!Me & my homie Azamat approve

  5. Nick Jfac says

    Hellenic translation anyone?We orthodox bros fear only God IC XCNIKA

  6. mrak bbb says


  7. Vlada Vlajko says

    Diže imunitet bolje nego vitaminC???

  8. Petar Petrov says

    Im health care worker, and Im ready to serve my motherland in hospital ??????

  9. Vlada Isailovic Petlovo Brdo says

    Волим своју земљу
    од живота више,
    Волим овај народ
    ћирилицом што пише

  10. Fausto Cheein says

    Volim Srbiju, greeting from Italy

  11. Anixneutis Tracker says


  12. captain memelord says

    music source, please?

  13. yeemless says

    koja je ovo pesma?

  14. DESPA says

    Will the protest continue after corona?

  15. Lieutenant Phys says

    Greetings from Macedonia!

  16. Alessandro Cestaro says

    Remove covid

  17. Gabriel Gato Delgado says

    Serbs have the manliest slavic accent

  18. ThingsBetwixt says

    Albania nuber 1 , -992927281 cases in Albania . 6666666 in Serbia haha

  19. Yuna gab YG says


  20. gamecube-king/ devon3 says

    just build nano-sized S125 and find a way to make them lock-on infected cells inside the body :p (modern problems require modern solutions)

  21. M E M E R says

    Stay strong Serbian Brothers ????

  22. DX Im says


  23. smeka88 says

    јеби душманеееееее, идемо!!!!

  24. djomla djomla says

    Serbs are holy people

  25. Jora HdeTyByl says

    I love Serbia! Was interrogated there by police back in 2001, i was just 19, policeman was a good person, he left me to walk my path. Long live Serbian people.

  26. Paulus Hared Samosir says

    Hmm watch out for Youtube snowflake

  27. Ishmael Moby says

    Serbia strong ??

  28. An Oglach says


  29. Paganus says

    Stay stronk!! greetings from uruguay!!

  30. sover aesthetics says

    Сретно браћо Срби

  31. The marhaenist says

    Stay strong Montenegro

  32. Luka Boris Maginović says

    31 506 cases in my country Italy, I was hoping my beautiful Serbia won't be infected… Now both my countries are locked by coronavirus. God help zivela Srbija i Italija.

  33. S Bjelo says

    I wish you all, good luck

  34. цоа says

    Овога пута не долазе са бомбама, овога пута долазе са нечим горим, биолошким оружјем. Али ми смо народ који је преживео свашта, од ратова, геноцида, неправде и цепања становиштва и територија, па ћемо, ако Бог да и ово преживети јер ако верујете у њега не знам чега се плашите а ако не, не знам чему се надате. Држите се браћо и догодине у Призрену!

  35. Strahinja says

    Don't forget to wear your hazmat suit. Greetings from Novi Sad!

  36. Propaganda says

    A True Serb !!!

  37. Jack Clark says

    2 week comfy quarantine before easter holiday. College likely suspended after that. Epic times ahead gentlemen.

  38. Godd Howard says

    Corona militias are sponsored by NATO

  39. Миладин the B A S E D says

    Situation and atmosphere is like in 1999. just without sanctions and nato aggression… Be disciplined and patient. Good luck to everyone.

  40. Gordon Freeman says

    OK, but Eduard Liminov is deadRIP??

  41. LVKA says

    Pesma ? Inače super video kao po običaju

  42. Marek Poprac says

    We will stand tall in the face of this virus and together we will get trough this. I wish you and your family good health

  43. marukoification says

    Поздрав Спарти!

  44. Ryan McCreedy says

    Hey… No Uni problably!

  45. Serbian Maoist Central says

    Само да се зна, две особе су тренутне заражене у Црној Гори.Хммм…. Питам се на кога то односи.

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