? How To Get A PERFECT GAME In Shy Guys Finish Last | Paper Mario The Origami King


In this Paper Mario: The Origami King Tips & Tricks Tutorial Guide, Abdallah shows how to get a PERFECT GAME in Shy Guys Finish Last EASY, in order to earn the “Quiz Master” Trophy on Nintendo Switch, with a family-friendly commentary in HD 1080p 60 fps.
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00:00 Welcome & Thanks for Subscribing!
01:14 What Is Shy Guys Finish Last & Where Is It?
03:57 How To Get a Perfect Game EASY
06:54 Shy Guys Finish Last Introduction
07:29 Ring Scramble Level 3
08:45 Ring Scramble Level 2
10:06 Ring Scramble Level 1
11:19 Race ‘n’ Place Level 3
13:54 Race ‘n’ Place Level 2
16:15 Race ‘n’ Place Level 1
18:31 Bath Math Level 3
22:46 Bath Math Level 2
26:08 Bath Math Level 1
28:19 Ninji Skills Level 3
30:33 Ninji Skills Level 2
32:16 Ninji Skills Level 1
33:39 Sudden Death
37:45 Earning The Quiz Master Trophy
37:55 Thanks for Sharing! ? If You Enjoyed It!

Welcome to my 100% Walkthrough of Paper Mario: The Origami King on Nintendo Switch. In this LIVE video series, I’ll be playing the game from the beginning, battling all bosses, until the final boss at the end of the game! Once we’re done with the final boss, we’ll backtrack for 100%, collecting all of the hidden Toads, [?] Blocks, Not-Bottomless Holes, & all treasures! If you enjoy Paper Mario: The Origami King, be sure to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE (?) and turn on Notifications (?) to be updated with the latest and greatest Paper Mario Content!

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  1. Xanthony says

    Moment of silence for the young ones about 9 years old or below that literally can’t beat the puzzles in this game

  2. Kettle Shades says

    Are they all random?

  3. Brandon Sandoval says

    So, Is it the same pattern for the 3rd tier ring scramble, cause yeah that’s the most difficult for me

  4. Level_Eternal says

    This guide was super helpful, thank you so much!

  5. Luigi Fun Time says

    Oh that is really hard I really can’t do it I really need help ?

  6. The Speedether says

    I find all of them super easy no problem 1 shot no recording needed except the scramble… I just cant do it never enough time not enough moves I'm about to give up on this because of it.Edit: And I just got it after watching this videos scrambles, seeing the solutions made it less of a scramble and more made me realise I was the one getting easily lost.

  7. A Mi says

    Dude thank you so much for frontloading the video with the hardest most hateful puzzle first it’s exactly what I came here for but now I’ll watch the whole video as thanks

  8. Mobje says

    This part is absolutely horrible!! Fun? Sure! As a bonus game or to 100% a game, but not when you want to progress in the main game! ??‍♂️

  9. Bardia Golbad says

    I finally beat this thing, it was hard but not as hard as Eddy river. In my opinion

  10. عزوز says

    I did it with my smartphone ?

  11. A_Mustachioed_Yoshi says

    Not gonna lie, I kinda dreaded this one after my first runthrough of shy guys finish last. Even with a phone to capture footage for help, I got stumped on some of the puzzles at times, simply cause of how quickly I lose track of everything.

  12. zayn azam says

    Like the new hair cut

  13. MystiikL says

    Kept getting a stretchy tower and couldn't complete ring scramble level 3, just got the trophy now though. 😀

  14. Kyle Jones says

    This is literlly the worst part of the game.

  15. Impaster Men says

    Beats all of them and Ninji skills 1 and 3 but fails 2 W H A T

  16. TheRicoss says

    I realy didn’t like that shy guy game

  17. SeeTv says

    Fun fact: in german this show is called "Sei nicht Shy, Guy!" which translates to "Don't be Shy, Guy!"

  18. Boris Simeonov says

    Please make video about how to get 300k coins I can’t do only that

  19. Joe says

    yokai gakuen y news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Kidthewow says

    Please make more Mario Kart Tour Pipe videos

  21. Kidthewow says

    Please make more Mario Kart Tour Pipe videos

  22. Abigail the Owl says

    I found that an easy way to beat the Bath Math games is to count out loud how many Goombas go in, and keep a tally of how many goombas leave either with your fingers or tick marks on a piece of paper. Before starting the answer round just subtract the number you counted out loud from the number you kept a tally of. Also for the Lv. 3 Ninji skills game, it's easier to keep track of the shy guy and goomba than the ninjis.

  23. Kenny Carter says

    Ring scramble too hard for me with time limit

  24. DC Universe says

    Who even likes this game? This game is just as bad as Sticker Star and Color Splash

  25. 2 Cats says

    What the other Boss Guide like a Ice Vellumental, Tape, Scissor & Stapler?

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