Backbreaker Football League amazing highlights featuring the greatest plays of the year from the old BFL.
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  1. Backbreaker Football League says

    Thank You For 300 Likes!!!

  2. AJ Taylor says

    Yo can you tell me the website for the rosters on iPad

  3. AJ Taylor says

    Show me how to get the Ohio State stuff please

  4. Creptic_ Knight says

    17:26 bruh he juked the whole team lol

  5. BK VJ says

    Still better than the past 12 madden games

  6. CJ Hammond says

    I still love to come back and watch this video. Prolly my 10th time now

  7. ladawg81 says

    Remember when bbhighlightsgs made all 32 rosters with logos and unis? Omg good times. I wish receivers could catch on the run tho.

  8. Perkinsbot3 says


  9. Perkinsbot3 says

    0:56 to

  10. Andre Wright says

    If y'all play backbreaker online exhibitions add me on ps3 wrizzydre33 miss playing online

  11. IKrobot says

    Is there any way that the season mode with these teams will ever come back? If not I understand, but it would just be dope

  12. AsianSensation says

    D league highlights?

  13. coreyxlittle travis says

    More please

  14. coreyxlittle travis says

    More please

  15. Damir Stokes says

    Do a 2 hour backbreaker highlight video

  16. Nun Ya says

    I love this game and video a lot and I'm glad it's published!!!!

  17. Ashi The king says

    I whish I had this game

  18. Michael Pincente says

    Its odd that all the highlights featuring the Gators is them getting scored on or turning it over

  19. Xray 1012 says

    Missed you brodie literally just found u fam its ya favorite qb with no oline mark ramos?✊?

  20. CJ Hammond says

    This vid got 28,723 views at the time of me posting this comment. I think that just goes to show how much we all love watching the backbreaker videos

  21. Bryan chadwick says

    In season 1, underarmour had so many guys on defense. For example, kerns, cardoza, haden graff, shane kilpatrick

  22. Hello there says

    Please do another season .I want to see Nebraska or UNC win a championship

  23. metro booming says

    Miss this

  24. Rocket says

    Damn , I miss my mans Joshua Yeah beastin it on them kick and punt returns. I hope you bring the backbreaker football league back sometime in the near future! And I'm sorry about your losses that you suffered through during the process of that series man. #blessup??

  25. WildLion Games says

    Damn man, bringing back memories. To everyone reading this comment, I also used to make Backbreaker videos pretty heavily. Life happened and things got busy, but I will be uploading a new video this week! It will be APF 2k8 but I'm re-starting up my channel as I can do it. So be on the lookout for more backbreaker videos to pop up again. I love the game too much to let it die, and even though I have other more important commitments I still want to make videos for this game. Just wanted to let the small fanbase we have left know there will more content coming

  26. yourtrashcan _ says

    84 likesEDIT: 100 likes

  27. Ethan Deadrick says

    Ya that sucks and I know it takes way too much effort to do

  28. Ethan Deadrick says

    Can you start a new season I loved the first one

  29. Lecrushed Me says


  30. JR Swish says

    Wish I joined earlier, my player only played in one scrimmage game before season 2

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