💻 – See How Computers Add Numbers In One Lesson


Take a look inside your computer to see how transistors work together in a microprocessor to add numbers using logic gates.
Get the book CODE that inspired the video
This is a great book by Charles Petzold that really breaks down a computer conceptually so that non-technical readers can understand how it works.

EDIT: At 00:12, the chip that is circled is not actually the CPU on this motherboard. This is an older motherboard where the CPU was first inserted into a small board and that board was then inserted into a slot on the motherboard. The chip that is circled is called the “northbridge” and helps the CPU communicate with memory. The northbridge also uses transistors and logic gates just like the CPU.

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  1. charul sen says

    Glad I found this ♥

  2. Connor Linley says

    Oh. So that's how they made computers in Minecraft using Redstone.

  3. Robert Greenwood says

    So it’s not magic? Wow 😯

  4. very cool!

  5. Veera Zukova says

    did not understand anything

  6. Mermaid says

    This gave me shivers!

    Amazing work man!

  7. Ema Espi says

    Excelent video explication. Very nice.

  8. Alexei Kositsin says

    thanks for video
    i have a question: how cpu starts adding or other functions? (what is this PREfunction)

  9. renvilsekawan says

    explanation is crystal clear, but i had botle neck in my memory

  10. how does multiplication work? and substruction and division?

  11. Clorox Bleach says

    Waid'a'minute, a transistor is a funky fuse?

  12. Carlos Santos says

    One of the best videos I have seen so far! As always, you can see or even meet very smart people who doesn't know how to explain complex things to others and, that few, that got the knowledge and know how to explained it to others. Thank you Sir for being part of that few!

  13. sergworld says

    Thx a lot

  14. Gabriel Caro says

    that's a north bridge, not a cpu… nice video tho

  15. Amal Dev says

    You lost me at half gate, but in the end i got the idea of how calculation is done, I'll watch another video for half gates.

  16. Ankit says

    bill gates mind = 001110001000110100 , now don't google this !

  17. A.G. Martinez says

    This one first, and then "See How a CPU Works" are clear and accurate for anklebiters

  18. dappa311 says

    How I wish that these tutorials had existed when I was in college studying engineering.

    I struggled through digital electronics class, never understood what the gates actually were physically. things were never explained this way.

    now its a lot more simple for me to comprehend.

    what I have learned over the years is that learning is something that is dependent on who is teaching you.

    when you have such a simple but complex topic as computer science , you need a good teacher that can break things down to their simple and elementary form

    I had to watch this video like three times, pause at some point and think about what i was looking at and I was like , ohhhhhh, I see it now.

    wish the internet had all this info way back then, would of saved me so much headaches.

    I have understood something that took me a whole semester to learn and I still never fully understood it back then , I barely passed the class.

    In simple terms , an or gate is a parallel connection either switch will turn on the output, the and gate is a series switch , both have to be on and every other gates are derivatives of that.

    All compartmentalized with in the cpu

  19. CabaleiroFull says

    Great work

  20. zim says

    transistors are minecraft comparators

  21. amit yamsi says

    One of the best teaching video explaining with such an ease deeply without confusing, thanks you for this video

  22. キンツメ says

    I made a little calculator with this logic gates. I think its the same of this in the video 😀

  23. GamingPro7 7 says

    This explanation is very bad for new people , the visuals are bad also

  24. guest says

    Is there a website to experiment and play around with logic gates? I know someone mentioned Minecraft which sounds cool but I’m not familiar with the game.

  25. Mason Hunter says

    Do not cite the deep magic to me, witch, i was there when it was written

  26. PQCraft Gaming says

    Add 255 and 255

  27. Lazarus Blackwell says


  28. Sudheesh pb says


  29. Frédéric Mercier-Leboeuf says

    Thanx to this video , now i can make a redstone compiter in minecraft

  30. numgum says

    Great Explanation!!!!!

  31. Kulkeshar Dahal says

    How binary codes are voltage

  32. THePunisher Xxx says

    What controls the state of these logic gates? What is controlling how electricity turns these gates on/off? how does a computer know what gates to use?

  33. REX :D says

    I learned all of this in Minecraft, using redstones.

  34. 好奇号0205 says

    Thank you so much! Great work!

  35. MartinMartin Martin says

    Be careful ! A computer uses base_2.
    example: how to write the number 5 (the total number of fingers on one human hand) in base_2 : 101
    how are minus numbers , say -5 written in base_2 ?
    This is a problem that can be answered by some serious study which will reveal how a computer works .
    warning: it requires a couple of hours to understand

  36. I wanna see how computer store files and folders

  37. Manju Avdhesh Pal says

    Ur voice is so calm and pleasing

  38. DENIL P T says

    Best of the best. 👌

  39. JasonA1647 says

    OMG thanks!!! (I did not use this for computer stuff btw. This is a great help for redstone in minecraft!!!)

  40. CADDIA says

    As a mechanical engineer I was struggling to understand it , after engineering this is 5th year now I get answer, Today I know how really computer works
    My biggest curiosity of life now get calm.thanks you sir again

  41. Taska Nawa says

    the motherboard photo drive me insane crazy lol

  42. shonguiz0 says

    Stellar job, this is one of the best explanatory videos ever on the subject. Intuitive, simple and effective.

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