?TIMO WERNER's 1st DAY AT CHELSEA!? (Not Liverpool)


Timo Werner signs for Chelsea!
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Source: https://cyrrion.com
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  1. 442oons says

    Who would you sign for if you were Werner?

  2. hằng phạm says

    I stay at rb leipzig

  3. Im arthur and im done lol says

    Giroud is faster when hes walking

  4. Mohamed Ragab says


  5. Corrupted says

    The chelsea vs liverpool super cup chelsea got robbed

  6. Juan Piscopo says

    Bayern cause you can link up with Robert Lewandowski in a 4-4-2 formation

  7. Manualidades con Lionel says

    1st day of Neymar in Barcelona

  8. Bryo mods says

    Look how slow Giroud is

  9. Venita Pohl says


  10. Cole the sgt frog and baby Tamama lover :3 says

    Lol Timo Werner sounds like a German Harry Kane!

  11. Lifetaker Sam says

    Who here when timo Werner now in London

  12. FCM FC Marcel stad 5278 says

    Chelsea,he has their the most playing time

  13. Gary Stevens says

    Come on Chelsea we hope we win the leage next season

  14. Adaora Buchi-Nwosu says

    sign for Chelsea

  15. Leonard Paul Pasche says

    1:10 Ballack left the chat

  16. mother olufeko says


  17. Daniel Egan says

    timo says who should i sign for dean Mancity

  18. ZIAD mahmad says

    Real Madrid Tim I Werner in real madrid!!!!!⚽since 1901

  19. Duval In The Wall says

    Werner sounds like the German Kane lol

  20. memo ryo says

    If you think about it when Werner looked at klopp with the cl trophy he should join althetico madrid

  21. Lídia Gonçalves says

    Faz um video sobre first day of ziyech no Chelsea

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