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These “slim” women are considered obese??

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  1. Swolenormous says

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  2. Ti Va says

    If those women are slim, I'm a anorexic then!

  3. MrWatsonComeHere says

    I can’t see how they are “thin” under any definition. I used to think the BMI scale was ridiculous and unobtainable when I was 100 pounds overweight, of course. Now I’m in the healthy BMI for my height. Sure it seems to run low for the average muscular or 2020 American but not for the average pre 1950’s through 1990’s Americans.

  4. Michaela Tyroller says

    Really?I've been part of the swolefam for a long time now. I would prob not if this was the first video i have every seen on papa swolio.Y'all know NOTHING about these women. Yes, they are overweight. But they crearly aren't morbidly obese.I am around that size. I am working really hard on my health (went from 300lbs to 220lbs in a year). I would feel rly bad being shamed like them….Just my opinion. ☠

  5. Kaalo Lovett says

    If they had some extremely muscular women there I think it would be more accurate. What a lot of fat people don't know is that under their fat is NOT a ton of muscle if they don't exercise.

  6. Natalie Juarez says

    These women are not fat but not slim either . but the BMI alone is really not always good. It uses a B cup as a standard. And was only developed on one body type. Belly fat is much more dangerous than having a big butt .I weigh almost 140 pounds at 5.5 but I have a D cup ( that weighs 10 -15 pounds more than a B or smaller ). I have a tiny waist 59 cm as of today but wider hips. My fat percentage is lower so I got more muscle weight. My waist hip ratio is ideal. A doctor never looks at me and thinks I’m too fat. If a doctor sees a true fit woman and says she’s unhealthy because of the BMI he’s an idiot. But we should not be surprised. We won’t go to visit most people for dinner anymore. What they eat barely counts as food and makes me sick.

  7. Shanda Gregory says

    These arnt slim women?

  8. Tiffany Nonella says

    You mentioned clothes sizes are changing and I agree. It's hard af to find a 30×32 pair of jeans for my husband at the store. Most of the sizes I see for men are 36+.

  9. The Fitness Beast says

    As an "ex-fat" (lol Jesus Christ) I find being labeled as such, and with all the associated negative aspects of being hateful towards fat people, again something I do not agree with, is more of a way to promote mediocrity. It is a bloody excuse for people to remain fat and unhealthy. Absolute BS.

  10. angie maritza says

    I’ve noticed they changed the body fat percentage names lol to be like more accepting 😂😂

  11. Tanya Miller says

    I DISAGREE that a baby & a bucket of water are very different 🤷🏻‍♀️

  12. Bernhard Fritz says

    For me as european this is crazy, i hope this kind of "fat acceptance" doesn't come to my country

  13. Crosis of Borg says

    Helping women feel good does not equate to making women take responsibility. The ladies in that photo are fat, not slim.

  14. Victoria Albastra says

    Infinyfat lol

  15. Gift of Flora says

    For what it's worth, I think celebrating participation is different from justifying not excelling. We can't all be 1st place even when we've all put equal effort in, but that effort should be celebrated to show people that their effort has value, and they should continue. That's why the 8th place medal matters. The 8th place person will have put effort in, unlike the people trying to justify not putting the effort in… We can't all be above average, and it's not an SJW thing… I love your enthusiasm and desire for us all to be the best we can be, just pointing out the nuance. I hope that makes sense ☺️👍 (I would always have the participation medal, sweating buckets all the way lol)

  16. Elena K says

    So so well said!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  17. Georgie Barnes says

    I was weighed by my Dr last year, I was having issues with reasons I though were unrelated to weight. By this point I had been weight training for 3 years, the first year I dropped 40lb, but my mental health was in the toilet. So a few bad episodes and a shit load of antidepressants later, while I was still training, I was gaining weight. When the Dr weighed me I was so angry and when he told me my BMI (morbidly obese) I was taken aback. If that Dr had never weighed me I probably wouldn't have made the decision to fully take my life back. A year later, I don't know what I weigh but I have dropped about 3 dress sizes and I am able to move and lift much easier and without pain.

  18. Randolph Hewitt says

    I been called slim and I'm 207 been trimming down from 240. Im not slim. I know it and ill be damned if false comments derail me from my goal. Weird world we live in when people try to get you to gain pounds as if its a good thing. I've learned to never take compliments. Because that's how you get guided into fallowing the herd. Stay focused. If you want someone to tell you your doing good. Then that's on you. If you hold yourself to high standards then you'll release how many people have low standards. Stand tall and never let yourself slip. If you know you need to get up and do your best and you got cats in your corner saying you've done enough its time to get reed of the dead weight. We are who we hang around and if you want any hope you'll rather be friendless then anther chunky monkey in the line to a snack bar.

  19. Tom Poulmarch says



    Is really thats the average women size ? Change it please …. Thats fat in asian country … Even in india (second largest obesity rate in world) i am that size i cant even keep a count of how many people telling me to loose weight when i am even on the process of it …

  21. Gaia Seraphina says

    Thanks to the obesity pandemia, people nowadays believe that this is how "normal" women have to look like.Many people got a delusional perception of normalcy. Sad. 😔

  22. Ms. Lovely Morena says

    I'm obese before. Now I'm overweight. 4kilos to go and I'm in my ideal weight. I don't feel proud being obese. Thats why I'm giving myself time to exercise and also choose what food to eat. I look like that before. Those women in the picture.

  23. J. F. says

    Always keepin real!!!Real talk!

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