1 HOUR of Amazing Football Games


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What was your favorite game?

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  1. Vanemas says

    0:00 Hungary vs Portugal (EURO 2016)1:56 Tottenham vs Man City (CL)4:59 Real Madrid vs Barcelona 20176:44 Liverpool vs Arsenal (League Cup)10:08 AC Milan vs Liverpool 200512:43 Spain vs Netherlands (World Cup 2014)14:18 Barcelona vs Liverpool Home and Away 17:15 Sweden vs England (Zlatan)19:10 Real Madrid vs Barcelona 201421:15 Reading vs Arsenal (Comeback)24:24 PSG vs Barcelona Home and Away (CL)27:46 Norwich vs Liverpool 201630:12 Man City vs Monaco Home and Away (CL)33:45 Villarreal vs Barcelona 201936:16 Tottenham vs Ajax Home and Away (CL)37:58 Netherlands vs Germany 39:34 Germany vs Netherland (Nations League)41:01 Wolves vs Man City 201943:23 Barcelona vs Sevilla (UEFA Super Cup)46:07 Chelsea vs Bradford (FA Cup)47:54 Sheffield Utd vs Man Utd 201949:29 Wales vs Belgium (EURO 2016)51:02 France vs Argentina (World Cup 2018)53:06 Liverpool vs Atletico 202055:02 Man City vs QPR 201158:36 Man Utd vs Arsenal 2004/05

  2. Harry St says

    holy shit i watched all of it

  3. A k says

    25:22 i didn't know Jim Jefferies did soccer commentary

  4. Ugaye Lednore says

    attendons avec impatience les prochaines saisons comme les dernières saisons

  5. IGCSE & A-Level Physics Tutorials & Pastpapers says

    That looks like a fun game ngl lol

  6. Nicolas Benitez says

    Mucha premier para mis ojos

  7. Dawit Araya 7B says

    why are you lying it was 59 min and 38 secs

  8. woogi You says

    I see you tried to get past the 10 min mark

  9. S K1 says

    No love for the defensive highlights?

  10. Evan Johnson says

    "Wait, this is soccer!"

  11. josh taylor says

    where is Chelsea vs ajax champions league (4-4) score

  12. karthick sachin says

    messi fanboy for a reason

  13. André Almeida says


  14. YoungBeastKiller says

    9:29 Music?

  15. Hamed Mohamed says

    Thank you vanemas

  16. Muhammad Fikri says

    actually its not 1 hours though

  17. Zevrog says

    trent + origi won lfc the ucl

  18. Aleks Markovic says

    1h of referees being a part of barcelonas team.

  19. Antonio Ferrer says

    That sliding assist from Balotelli to Aguero was perfectly timed and weighed, it was worth a PL title and it's arguably the best, most valuable thing he ever did in football. Yes he smashed 2 great goals to go past Germany in Euro12 semis, but only to have Italy routed 4-0 in the final against Spain, so…

  20. Antonio Ferrer says

    That Arsenal fan who left the stadium after Reading score the 4-0 will regret doing it for the rest of his life. Never give up, said Salah after the 3-0 defeat at Barça. He knew what he was talking about.

  21. Outlaw Soul says

    amazing video. thank you. love the commentary of the ajax game in dutch.

  22. H-J S says

    57:08 streamer play own player

  23. Wild Bill says

    Messi diving – shocker

  24. Elang Anggaraksa says

    Barca jmbt

  25. Calle says

    I wonder what Diego Costa the snake, tears taste like after being completely ravished by The Netherlands

  26. Nikola Stefanov says

    too many liverpool trashy games GO AWAY LIVERPOOL TOXIC FAN

  27. 83dammit says

    Lol…Barcelona tragic team .-))) Messi cryyying )))))

  28. Ramarro Marrone says

    1:29 meme

  29. Giannis Antoniou says

    16:15 look his hat!!!

  30. Motladi Marema says

    lucus moura is a hero

  31. Monkey Coottrell says

    Did you know the goal at 16:38 The corner that Trent took. Klop didn't see the goal he was busy talking to his asy manger about subs. Next thing he knows the crowd errupted with chear.

  32. Bboy Gaco says

    Ninguno del madrid

  33. Jorn Veldhuis says

    There is a guy celebrating with a barca cap on in the liverpool stands after wijnaldum’s equaliser.??

  34. sykly Stevens says

    7:15 that's a sticky one ref….?

  35. CHH IS THE SHIFT says

    the music doesn't help… 🙁

  36. Oluyinka Amole says

    Ozil was class for that assist

  37. Barbaros Koruk says

    Liverpool vs Arsenal just footballgasm

  38. Louis Moynihan says

    AGUEROOOOO!!!! Even though I’m an Arsenal fan, I still feel goosebumps and I don’t know why but also joy watching it. Man city fan or not, you have to embrace that

  39. Mario Cadiz says

    Barca vs PSG, what a robbery

  40. Football Frenzy says

    I loved the vidoe! Got to 31:40 Enjoy The Watch Time haha, probably wont see this comment though :/ BTW I'm not a comment bot lol.

  41. Lucky BDM says

    14:37 – 15:16 the music plz ?

  42. Sarp Karatopraklı says

    you are the best football channel !!

  43. MOHAMAD ISHAQ 780506 says

    Nice video

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