$1 Mystery Dish Vietnam Street Food ??


■ HONG HA, VIETNAM: After 2 hours of sleep it was time to hit the road for a Vietnamese breakfast. The only problem was, I don’t know anything about what people eat in the morning. I was curious to find out though.

So after a brief stop at a gas station I scouted out 3 little Mom & Pop roadside restaurants, all preparing for a morning rush of hungry customers. Eager to experiment, I chose the most exotic looking dish on offer…. does anyone know the name of it?

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  1. Dibakar Chakraborty says

    That sandwich is called banh mi…, sublime…

  2. Wolvie X says

    The ship part like from metro exodus game lmao

  3. Mike Barnes says

    The guy eats so much pork, no wonder he's aging so much

  4. God msg says

    Yummmm custard Apples. They r one of the expensive fruit in india .?

  5. God msg says

    Awwwww poor monkey is been chained up…ohh noo?

  6. YSL ZaZa says

    In the 3rd tea he guy tossed his as harald was drinking his?

  7. mamus4 says

    Where is that piece of pork that fell on the floor, did she put in back in the mix?

  8. Arlin Gaming TV says

    Why do they use bikes so much?

  9. sam Iam says

    It’s a pigs penis

  10. SB Media says

    Why are they wearing face masks when this was 9 months ago or is that because or the petrol

  11. LANA AVA says

    It would be interesting to see after Harald dines in the restaurant…if the views from YT helped the business in anyway. ???

  12. MF Kraven says

    21:22 Vietnamese Man: JINGLE BELLHarald: YES JINGLE BELL… WAIT DID HE SAY JINGLE BELL?Lmaoooooo

  13. Fifthward mex says

    Harlod hitting that gas

  14. gilad adamovich says

    hey Ric Flair, what are you doing in Nam

  15. charan sin says

    Mu dear friend, this is not a ship but a simple dredge. It is used in the mining of "tin ore." They then smelt the ore to make metal.

  16. Anonymous Person says

    They were probably just dredging that River removing sand and rock

  17. Ross N says

    I keep imaging if the was reversed and it was a Vietnmese dude walking around Norway speaking Chinese at everyone and climbing into people's boats. We're lucky the Vietnmese are so friendly ?

  18. FilmSimply says

    throw it to the fucking dogss!

  19. george savin says

    this man collect small rock s harald 😀

  20. Nik Curry says

    Top 10 breakfast food in Vietnam is that dish, god I missed Vietnam

  21. Adrianna Vellon says

    The Monkees like me where you look so sad but she’s getting food he’s like now I’m happy for you give me is it in thank you.

  22. Prakash Bhusal says

    Wow superb

  23. sureshotgazza1 1 says

    gravel extraction site

  24. Michael Marais says

    It's great how clinking the glasses or cups are all over the world? it just shows one of the small things we all have in common it's amazing?

  25. Raebaebabe says

    Was that tobacco? I’d be so scared to smoke

  26. Raebaebabe says

    Why do you die your hair blonde

  27. Lisa T says

    Man, if you in the city that motorbike is long gone!

  28. elena ahu says

    ?? Gracias Harald, primera vez que veo hombres Vietnameses “CHATOS (borrachos)” .

  29. Akib Zaman says

    very warming

  30. Brian The Ranger says

    They get soil from the river to sell for people who build the construction (for someone who does not know what do people on the boat do )

  31. Feba Talons Red Dragons says

    You ate two of the signature food of vietnamese. Love the video.

  32. Amit Gupta says

    he should not treat this monkey as petmonkey is sad and afraid

  33. Kuns Kun says

    34:02 They have been sucking sand at the bottom of the river. In VN, its illegal, but the government corrupt, take the money & doesn't care about the environment, so …

  34. Bacon420 says

    18:35 Pork O'Clock.. that's my official pornstar name for the last six months. Still alive? It's been over a month since Qatar airport.. May your bacon never burn.

  35. Halime Hatun says

    Not sure why you people need to bring politics into this… just enjoy the video

  36. Jason Koks says

    U are awesome mr. Harald, u unpredictable thats why i like u most these days u dont care bout editing but u have good content always, thanks man. Kudos to u. One man team vlogger

  37. Ryan Bartolome says

    banana and atis both tastes good here in philippines

  38. Steven says

    take the monkey more fruit

  39. Bishwas Mishra says

    People on their bikes waiting for the train and Harald films them. Looks like they are on some mission and Harald is just chilling. Crazy scene in its meaning.

  40. Bishwas Mishra says

    35,000 for a snack. Woah!

  41. Raymond Caylor says

    4:28 yeah, right

  42. Jayathilaka Athauda says

    01.07.2020. watched nice story

  43. NotmyName says

    At 20.00 it looked like the monkey was asking you for help. Maybe to release him. 🙁

  44. NINA MAGANA811 says

    "DID THAT PERSON HAVE A MONKEY ON A LEASH"? LOL I love the investigations

  45. Baby N says

    Vietnamese love foreigners. Especially white people. I remember how I was exiced to see white people when I was a kid. Lol

  46. Ngo Hung says

    This dish is called "Bánh cuốn thịt nướng or bánh cuốn chả xiên" . It means "steamed roll and grilled meat", a quite popular dish in the Upper North Region. Vietnamese dont eat things seperately like you did. Normally one bite contains abit of everything after dipping in the sauce. And each dish often comes with different combination of fresh herbs or vegetables. That's the delicacy of Vietnamese food, dont miss out on that 😉

  47. Huy Pham says

    Woah woah woah! And then drives thru smog 3 times lmao

  48. indoor biscuit says

    that dude was fully just walking past with his own coke haha

  49. sir quagsire says

    Not in america,dont speak diffrent languages only american.

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