1. Enrico Nunes says

    why agent is talking like stephen A

  2. Rondell Cannon says

    Corny ass shit how can u watch a mf shoot ever shot 🤦🏽‍♂️💯

  3. TheGoofyGaming says

    Lol I get what you do but if there's only one dude scoring the whole game im pretty sure a good team gon guard you. They're not dick riders lol its just common sense..

  4. OnceYouPop YouCantStop says

    Agent!! Put on lob city passer Gold and just throw alley oops!5 min quarters and throw 15-20 of them, will get you 1 badge per game!Easily 4 badges in an hour!!

  5. Dec Marsden says

    Reminds me just like 2k17 agent 😓 I love it

  6. DrGio says

    Damn this threw me back to the 2k17 days

  7. Ivan Moreno says

    What’s the jump shot you use

  8. adamkinzsummer says

    If you guys needs some 2k21 VC just ChEck it out hug0.monster
    It's really workS!.

    Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους

  9. Jordan Brown says

    This was a banger 🤯🤯🤯

  10. Suns Geek says

    I give this video a 99 out of 100

  11. Gabe O'Connor says

    Yooo Agent dropping some heat in those lyrics 🔥🔥 THATS GREEN

  12. Mirzzyboyy ‘ says

    I’m getting Chris smoove vibes

  13. IWillSnagOverU says

    When you try your best but don't susses

  14. Hayden Klinkhamer says

    I love agent on pro am😍

  15. PVG Vlogs says


  16. TREV2CASH says

    Yo anyone know the song name

  17. GamerKai says

    the clickbait at the start of the video is craaazzy

  18. Steven Roberts says

    U fucked them up bro

  19. Austin Bracken says

    Wait how does he add and subtract badges????!

  20. Ricky decker says

    I'm over here missing every shot in my career in the nba, and he's scoring 100 in pro am😭

  21. GREENZ ONLY#2808 says

    What’s that jumpshot

  22. aureoalbavera says

    Bro what is your build goddamn

  23. JBthehooper says

    Last time agent was good @2k was 2k17

  24. Damon Banks says

    Why he reminding me of Chris smoove

  25. Zyon Ben says

    We all know that ain't agent😂😭 that somebody else account or he had someone play with him during the game

  26. Zach Sipes says

    Reminds me of 2K17😫😫😫

  27. Bogs Binny says

    You can change badges before going to games? What

  28. Sandson105Gaming says

    Yoo what build is that🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  29. Zachary Gaskin says

    Tryna be Chris Smoove 😭😭 I love it

  30. Dewayne Smith says

    This was classic agent right here😂🔥

  31. Carter Kruse says

    I feel some 2k17 agent

  32. Blaine Lacey says

    did he ever release this build?

  33. Jason Lee says

    So proud of you bro. Been there since the beginning and it makes me happy seeing you roast dudes again 💯

  34. IceyHandles says

    Idk bout y’all buhh when the dude on the other team got mad points we clown our teammate and keep letting him play 1 on 1😭😭

  35. Much Love Gambine says

    2k so trash y’all really be milking that shit for content. Go play pub g or something

  36. S G says

    that's easy bruh lol your whole team trying to get you open.. I dropped 83 with a shot creator and a team of all A.I against a full 5

  37. ed coverdale says

    This video had 2k17 agent vibes nd I love it

  38. Black Retro says

    Chris Smoove vibes but Fredo commentary energy vibes

  39. Uhh_Fragz YT says

    😂😂😂”wassup chat” 6:48

  40. eGatorrr says

    The OG Music 😫😫😫

  41. Dontae Ross says

    Click bait. Fuck you agent

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