These are my TOP 10 AIRPORT TIPS that I always do when I’m not working as a Flight Attendant and just traveling for vacation or personal reasons. Working in aviation as cabin crew you learn so many travel hacks and airport tips!

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  1. Fly With Stella says

    Follow my life as a Flight Attendant – https://www.instagram.com/flywithstella/

  2. CitizenOWorld says

    Great tips! And I'll bet you're a really nice flight attendant to have, too. Do you happen to know why sealed beverage cans (in my case, V8 juice) aren't allowed through TSA? No one in TSA could even explain that to me!

  3. Michael Karnerfors says

    #2 I am so stunned by this tip. Car service? I mean… car(!) to the airport ?! Why?!!?

    Okay, maybe I am spoiled, because CPH (Copenhagen) has the best airport train station, the train stops — literally — right under terminal 2. You step off the train, 10 meters(*) to escalator/elevator/stairs, 1 floor up, and you are in terminal 2. It can be a full rain storm out and you do not even get your hair wet. Fifty more meters, and you are at the first bank of self-serve check-ins.

    Why do not more airports do this?

    (*) best case, can be up to 100 meters depending on where in the train you are

  4. Danielle says

    how much is the launch? this is great…thank you.

  5. Danielle says

    wao …first time ever….this is great..setting an alarm…first time i hear that…this is awesome.

  6. Danielle says

    i have a thelmo and is better because you can use it for even coffee, you put on the lid and for hours is going to be cold or hot..and you can clean it very well.

  7. Danielle says

    take uber please or a taxi or whatever but not a friend

  8. Danielle says

    sooo true..

  9. eshita patel says

    Love this video

  10. PlanesTrains Automobiles says

    Download the airline app on your phone. Then you can check & get alerts if the gates change. I've had the gate change 3x for 1 flight. So, always make sure to check.

  11. ana carolina says

    0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!

  12. Richard Brown says

    Sometimes you're too broke to pay for 29% of these tips, still very helpful tho

  13. Wayne Thompson says

    Yuss, thanks, lady. I needed this!

  14. Sarah Vegan Styles says

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Vanessa Yaeggy says

    I always head to the airport early. I'd seriously rather be 2 hours too early than 5 minutes too late. Plus, I love to walk around, peruse the shops, smell the coffee and people watch.

  16. Codename:M8971 :v says

    666 dislikes 💀

  17. Craig Barnes says

    Tip: Have a cool 'travel' Playlist on your phone while you're waiting and for the noise to pass. Haha or read a good book while waiting to board!

  18. Politenessman says

    Re going through security, while you are waiting to check in for your flight empty your pockets into a ziplock bag, also watch, jewellery etc and put it inside your carry on luggage. – keep only the documents you'll need (passport, boarding pass etc) on you.
    Wear a belt with a plastic buckle, you don't need to take it off.

  19. Philip Shuttleworth says

    Thanks for the great tips….I will definitely be using them…

  20. AnonymousOnyx says

    6:44 A note on boarding times: the time of your flight is the time the plane takes off into the air and departs the airport. That is the DEPARTURE time. On your boarding pass it will tell you that your flight will be boarding (for example) 30 minutes before the departure. So if your flight departs at 9:45pm then the boarding time is 9:15pm. The boarding time is the time used for the “boarding process” aka when people physically board the plane with their carry ons using their boarding passes at the gate.

    Please do not confuse boarding time with DEPARTURE time if you are planning to use her tip to set an alarm for BOARDING time. A lot of people I know who don’t fly often love to use tip #1 to the get to the airport super early but then they walk around, eat, or just lose track of time. All they think about is the departure time and forget completely about the boarding process. Then they have to run to their gate trying not to miss their flight before the plane doors close and the plane flies away without them.

    If you’re a first time flyer or someone who’s flying for the first time by yourself then please remember this. The time on your ticket is when the plane flies away. You have to remember to give yourself time to line up at the gate, board the plane, settle into your seat on the plane —All before the plane ever departs. Lastly, this is also important because before you board: the gate might change. You have to keep up to date with wherever they need you to go so give yourself time to accommodate any last minute changes.

  21. IThinkWithMy Dick says

    The only way you'll convince me flying is safe & worth the risk is to pull an airplane off to the side of the road like you can with a car if something catastrophic goes wrong.

  22. IThinkWithMy Dick says

    The only way I would ever get into a claustrophobic death-machine like an airplane again
    would be to consume large amounts of opioids. About 100mg. Opioids have saved my life.
    They are the only way I could ever calm myself down.

  23. Nicholas Quek says

    Anyone who has ever been to Singapore.. believe me the airport itself is a destination! You can get free foot massage, see our Jewel vortex waterfall, free butterfly garden, free movie at a cinema etc!

  24. T Thinker says

    Because many airlines are skimping on meals (not providing any even on long flights), I used to make a couple of P&J sandwiches and put them in zip-lock bags in my carry on. Now don't know if you could do that due to liquid restrictions. Meat sandwiches I worry about due to non-refrigeration. Guess cheese sandwiches could work.

  25. Dallas Herd says

    These are tips for a person who lives under a rock. Tell me how to tip you for free drinks!

  26. Eddie Rodriguez says

    Sitting in a nearby gate is not a good idea. I had a bad experience when the airline changed the boarding gate and it was located in a different terminal. I almost missed my flight.

  27. Ника Листопадова says

    В Черкасской области 19сёл !Марина !

  28. Qt pie says

    Filipino parents be like

    Flight at 7am my parents wants to go 7 hours early.

  29. leonell domingo says

    I did most of these tips on my first time flying alone to NZ and arriving early, having an empty water bottle, and getting ready to go through security were the most helpful. Next time I have to try spending that little extra for a lounge because I had an 8 hour layover in SF and it was torture waiting that long with that many people out

  30. trangenusa says

    you should type up your 10 TIPS as bullet points and post them as text under your naration

  31. Elsini says

    Ive never been in an airport and I've never been on a plane. In 3 days im flying for the first time and I've always been afraid of planes, im the kind of person that is afraid of literally EVERYTHING. Wish me luck lol

  32. Gavin Hamill says

    Her voice pisses me off

  33. C Beto says

    Awesome tips… Flying for the 1st time out of the US. im nervous, even bought Business Class just to feel less nervous about navigating the airports and stops during my flight. 😩😲😩 maybe i should just cancel my trip 👍

  34. Tata G says

    I wonder how the airports will be like after this whole pandemic issue being settled

  35. Seela Turunen says

    my personal tips & hacks:

    1. always use the check-in where you can do it with online machines which looks like ATM's instead of the ones where some worker does it. it's so much easier and so much faster.

    2. if you're traveling with family, go to family security. there's usually very small lines.

    3. do not eat sweets or chips etc. before flights. that makes you feel bloated in the plane, eat something healthy instead, and eat the sweets in the plane.

    4. charge your phone in the airport. usually in the plane there's no places for USB charging.

    5. for killing time: get some more information about the city or hotel or country that you're going to. that's actually pretty fun and i do it immediatly after we've booked the trip.

    6. Watch photos about the airport you're flying to. It might save time while you're looking for the place you pick up your luggage, and pay attention on toilets!!

  36. 스테파니 Stephanie 조셉 says

    This is the first video I've watched of yours and I subscribed because you're so full of joy and helpful tips Stella 💛

  37. Jann Coppock says

    The Dollar Tree sells 8 shower caps for a dollar and they are great for packing shoes in so your shoes won't get your clothes dirty.

  38. Miguel Garcia says

    If you're a woman I'm sooo sorry 😞. There is always a line most of the time for the woman's restroom 🚻

  39. Kevin Robertson says

    I love your energy! You are amazing.

  40. Desiree Roland says

    Great video, thank you Stella! Mine are 1. carry a portable cell phone charger, an empty water bottle, eat before I arrive but no large, heavy meals keep it light and nutritious, 2. download the airport/airline app is a MUST, 3. wear leggings & sneakers instead of dresses & sandals for "mobility", 4. ask flight attendant to fill your bottle with ice instead of water which helps cut down trips to bathrooms on and off the plane, 5. bringing a GOOD book to get lost in is a MUST (this helps with the butterflies I get in my stomach when flying), 6. pin my hair up 7. courtesy to airline staff & passengers is a MUST

  41. Samantha’s Life says

    Can we take a medal water bottle or not

  42. sarah smiles says

    What if you only have a 1 hour connection?

  43. Ralph Christ says

    I am a retired Pilot with PAL and I love your channel. If everyone would follow your information it would make their flights so much earlier, you pay a few extra dollars and worth every cent. Ever since I have retired I I always follow your information. Your an and 74 are my two bibles. Why couldn't I have had? Oh, attendants like you. Keep up the good work now if we can get everyone else to follow them it would make flying so much easier. Oh, one more tip and not to get in front or behind someone so do not believe in bathing damn that can kill your whole day. Again keep up the great work, love your channel. I flew 747-SP, loved them but at 72 it is fly and enjoy.

  44. Emmaline McCarthy says

    My friends ask me if they can drive me to the airport bro.

  45. ALVVCIA says

    This was very helpful this will be my first flight by myself since I'm 17 now and I'm honestly so nervous

  46. Jupe367 says

    how do I pay for a lounge ticket? I always thought that is for first-class or crew members. Do I just enter through the doors and purchase onsite?

  47. The Canadian Gamer says

    Would take a car service to the airport but it is a three hour drive and I am not spending 500 bucks on a taxi no Ubers or Lyft here

  48. Michael Stefanski says

    I'm playing going today at airports

  49. vanny says

    We need an update (Flying during Covid19)

  50. Rosa McGechie says

    love your energy xx

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