10 Best Open-World Android and iOS Games! [High Graphics]


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We’re VC back at it again and this time, we’re bringing you 10 best open-world games! Open world games are all about freedom of movement and giving you the choice to create your own adventures in the given environment.

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01) Genshin impact
02) Beyond Blue
Android:- N/A
03) Sky Combat
04) Outlander: Fantasy Survival
iOS:- Coming Soon
05) Sky: Children of the Light
06) Omega Legends
iOS:- Coming Soon
07) Ultimate Offroad Simulator
08) theHunter
09) Grand Criminal Online
iOS:- Coming Soon
10) Horror zone: Pipe Head
iOS:- Coming Soon
📢 Note: All the game-play footage on this channel are recorded and Voice-over by Android Tools™️
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📱 Android: Samsung Note 10 Plus
📱 iOS: iPhone 11 Pro Max
💻Capture Card: Elgato HD60 Pro

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  2. Dalek says

    Got my s8 plus today so yeah save money kids

  3. Munther Islam says

    Looks like nothing like genshin impact here also.

  4. Dean Winchester says

    r u deadpool? u voice…

  5. _Carl _ says

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  9. Spoop Elle says

    Cant even load genshin impact it hurts me

  10. Tim-long Effenberger says

    Genshin impact : 7gb storage

  11. Rene Schtodi says

    World of Prandis

  12. Rosel Pantaleon says

    I like it tanks for the all games

  13. Nathaniel Sprague says

    I am SOOOO pumped for gen shin impact being released in 5 days

  14. Hedwin roy says

    Which is the background music used in this video?? Somebody please…

  15. VC_Ghost says


  16. lay lover says

    Sky makes me sad. It lag horrendously on my phone. I really really want to be able to experience it.

  17. SANO says

    Top ten android/iOS game September 2020

  18. HoZakari says

    trumpet head, definitely not a rip off

  19. Daniel John Estember says

    Omega legends is not an open world game 🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. Jack Li says

    Why is ark not in number 1, none of this should could go against ark and i am here to look for something better then ark

  21. skylark says

    SKY CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT is not disponible on my country and the version of my smartphone do you have a trick 😔😪

  22. SwordArtRon34 says

    Trumpet head😂

  23. Mdr Smit says

    All the games are trash

  24. Marc Angelo Coching says

    Sky combat is online in Google play lol

  25. john vang says

    If i dont have the ability to steal its not open world lol

  26. Kacchan says

    i can't play to sky children of the light 🙁

  27. Random Person :b says

    I’m so Happy Genshin Impact Is The Thumbnail! Oh! And I JUST downloaded SKY today, Weird coincidence!
    Being a Mihoyo Fan, (Honkai impact Lover), I’m happy about that Thumbnail, XD

  28. Patatto 47 says

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