10 Best Places to Visit in California – Travel Video


Check out all the places seen in this video:

There’s more to California than just movie stars and Disneyland. This is a state that boasts a large number of stunning natural attractions, including beautiful beaches, serene deserts and majestic mountains. California is also home to a number of exciting major cities, charming towns and to some of the world’s best wineries.

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  1. Ramiro Diaz says
  2. tech shin says
  3. Darlene Atkinson says

    Touropia, Great video, Because I was born In California I been to lot of these places and much more places. At this very present I live in Sacramento, CA. been in California almost all my life time. California has so many beautiful places. I truly enjoy the video.

  4. Jan Melton says

    Moving to Northern California. Close to so much beauty, hiking, kayaking, surfing, wineries, temperate weather. Coming home. 😘

  5. Rabbit of Peace says

    Fantastic Vibe.❤️
    love the video..❤️
    Much success and happiness.❤️Stay safe and con_nec_ted with Rabbit.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Angel Gonzalez-Clemente says


  7. Angel Gonzalez-Clemente says


  8. Angel Gonzalez-Clemente says


  9. Djoni Nur says

    Ilived in ca 1998 now i live in Tokyo,imiss hollywood boulevard

  10. LAURA USA says

    I love California more than my city new York

  11. kathar sahif says

    I need to now tier2 permit and any labour job am interested I need help

  12. kathar sahif says

    My dream is USA

  13. PumpkinCakeYT says

    I love California! I live in Carpenteria right next to a very nice city Santa Barbara

  14. Milalolo Mila says

    is cool i love californai

  15. Alice ツ says

    Ceux qui sont la grâce a M.Le Touzic ✋🏻

  16. Laong Ln Line says

    Beach Boys World

  17. Tou Adventure says

    Very beautiful…

  18. pradipchandra acharya says


  19. tech channel pm says
  20. J Jasonorth says


  21. Dr Faiz Rajput Rana says

    Best👍 places and best infomativ vedio.

  22. Health & Fitness says

    vry beautiful! (#DrBhawnaNarad)

  23. Jamessmack says

    I’m not going to any state that I can’t defend my family if need be

  24. Johnny Tran says

    if u wanna live here in San Francisco u better make a whole lot of money if u wanna live here in San Francisco the cost of living here is just so damn expensive….San Francisco is one of the most expensive places to live in America rent is just absolutely expensive

  25. foulpotato says

    The best place: out

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  27. Ng Lian chuan says


  28. Jake Chavez says

    What A Video That's Good.

  29. Mohammed Kromah says

    Ya Allah, make me to see this great Land before my last day

  30. Tasha Juli says

    As an Angelino, I get really annoyed when someone says Disneyland is in LA. It’s in Anaheim, which is an entirely different county (Orange)!

  31. Captivating California says

    Excellent lineup 👏

  32. Jason Lee says

    civic center bart station and Tenderloin a must

  33. James Howard Davis The Third says

    37: C(ool?)G(ood?)

  34. James Howard Davis The Third says


  35. James Howard Davis The Third says

    Hash Browns &?

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