10 Best Places to Visit in Italy – Travel Video


Check out all the places seen in this video:

Located in Southern Europe, this boot-shaped country is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations for a number of reasons that include art treasures, trendy fashion, stunning landscapes, passionate people and top-class cuisine. Italy offers so much to see and do that it would take a lifetime to explore.


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  1. jitendra singh says

    My dream country Italy

  2. Orozimbo Arthur de Lima Campos says

    I agree . Italy is the most beautiful country in the world . That was 10 places and I viseted 9

  3. Davide Branca says

    Sicily is the best place in Italy

  4. fan cloud says

    What a great country,no wonder the world's civilization oriented from Italy ?Love and respect from China~

  5. 新鮮組非番 says

    Great country✨いつか行ってみたいItaly

  6. Vietnamvisabox says

    Very informative video. Thank you

  7. Aristeidis Goutzivos says


  8. Lana Hussein says

    I'm soo excited because I'm gonna go to Italy for FOUR YEARS for my dads work and I hope italy doesn't have alot of Corona virus??????

  9. Tab Vlogs says

    Italy is most beautiful country

  10. Michelle Marie says

    I'm part italian and one of these days I wanna go to italy so bad specifically the region where my ancestors are from

  11. your way says

    actually i am just near to go there ?

  12. BL 87 says

    Now I have to play Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection ?

  13. Geoffrey soloshija says

    Wow marvellous I wish to visit there

  14. Sreshta JK says

    I had traveled to Italy some years back, loved the food ? and people there. Love from India ??

  15. Afrin Begum says

    Vanice is my dream city

  16. Afrin Begum says

    In which season Itali is suited for traveling..

  17. Ádám Zalaba says

    I was happy to see Cinque Terre last year. The next trip to Amalfi Coast and Capri is scheduled for the end of july. Can't wait to be there.

  18. Beauty Of Life says

    so nice

  19. Mary Smith says

    Love Italy – from NZ. I’ve been to Italy 4 times but haven’t been to southern Italy. I’d love to go back and visit more places.

  20. Sanjay Patel,MD says

    My dream is to buy small winery and retire there!

  21. James Bond says

    1: Ur Home

  22. belt run says

    I hope that I can visit Italy before I die.

  23. Geetha N m says

    Italy has beautiful awesome marvellous lovely places wish I could visit Italy . Love from India♥️♥️?

  24. ValerioVale1 says

    Non parlare del Italia se non sai neanche la lingua

  25. Wing Hoh says

    Visited nine of the cities except Sicily …my fav is Florence

  26. brigitte solano says

    Beautiful ?❤

  27. Bruno Garofalo says

    nothing compares to Italy. Sorry. It's the country with most UNESCO sites in the world, even more than China. The food, the art, the history, the culture, the landscapes, the taste, the fashion are just impressive. And the history…..Italy has about 70% of the archaeological sites of the entire planet. It's overwhelming.

  28. Hannah Mundiz vlogs says

    My dream country Italy is beautiful world country. Hi I'm newly friends

  29. Leonora Clark says

    We’ve been there twice last year and just enjoyed every moment of our stay there….love Sorrento, Naples,Capri,Tropea, Amalfi coast, Pompei, St. Peter’s basilica, Sistine chapel in Rome ….. breathtakingly beautiful… planning our 3rd Vacay this yr had this COVID didn’t come….

  30. Sheenu Kumar says

    Beautiful. Love from fiji.

  31. f bm says

    As saudi I studied in London in summer holiday twice ( my school was in contract with Italian gov to send group every summer ) I could meet many Italian nice friends I do really miss them I asked god to give me chance to meet them again in this life

  32. Harjit Singh says

    i want live Italy

  33. Paulo Soria says

    Love to visit Italy one day after Spain, I heard amazing things about the country. Xo

  34. Marco Catta says

    Si ma le Dolomiti..

  35. Augustine Dusenge says

    Italy is very beautiful but I think the USA has better opportunities when it comes to money.

  36. Expose Lanka says

    Wow ? extremely awesome

  37. Avtar Singh says

    Beautiful country ?

  38. HolyCheesyBoi says

    yeah imma meet girono there and mista

  39. 市川久美子 says



    Hahaha.. may harang agad..?? bawal mag skip..?

  41. Kober Ph says

    What a great place

  42. burning godzilla123 says

    My dream place to goo so beautiful ?

  43. Svetlana Stefanovich says


  44. Alastair Cunningham says

    pantheon, colloseum, tuscany, agrigento, venice and syracuse.

  45. DroppingSoap Soap says

    Girls: Omg being in Italy is so cool! Boys: GOLDEN EXPERIENCE

  46. Umair jutt says

    Love Italy

  47. Nilda & Jose Cortes Laboy says

    Visited Rome and Amalfi Coast. Also the isle of Capri and Naples. Would move to Italy in a heart beat!

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