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The tenth largest state in the United States, Oregon exemplifies the beauty and wildness of America’s Pacific Northwest. While there are many cultural venues in Oregon worth exploring, it’s the state’s diverse landscapes that draw many travelers to this corner of the country. From rugged shorelines and thick verdant forests to towering volcanic mountains and steep river gorges, Oregon’s natural attractions are simply breathtaking. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Oregon:

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  1. Ronald Rose says

    Well done on this video. Beautiful scenery. 🤗

  2. ไท ไท says

    Love to hear and seeThanks a lot

  3. Linda McEntaffer says

    Once voted "America's most Livable Big City," now a Woke Hell-Hole.

  4. depresso says

    youtube really chose the worst time to recommend this to us..

  5. iTs JusT A DonkeY says

    You forgot Gravity Falls lol

  6. Gretel Bonafina says

    I´m from southamerica and i wanna move to oregon so badly

  7. Exploring The Northwest says

    I can't wait to go back and visit

  8. blind joe says

    Portland around 9pm. With fires to light your way.

  9. Djronan1 says

    I believe 8:26 is actually Seattle’s Pioneer Square…

  10. Charles Glaze says

    This is a great vidoe..i will have to come and visit this state… I am in the washington dc area and looking to move

  11. Lan Holiday says

    Great video like a lot 🙂

  12. Helen Pomerleau says

    What about Ashland and Lithia Park?

  13. TJ Everything says

    So happy I live in hood river. Living right next to mt. Hood and 15 mins from the best windsurfing in the world

  14. Huy Nguyen says

    8:26 That's the scene in Seattle, not Portland.

  15. Bilingual Outdoors, Nature & Green Spaces says

    Amazing… inspired

  16. Arkin Gonzaga says


  17. Roy Locke says

    Oregon is awful. It rains 400 days out of the year , and there's volcanoes, and tornados and earthquakes and hurricanes and asteroids……..whatever you're thinking, don't come to Oregon. Go to……..Michigan? Iowa? Anywhere else but Oregon.👌☮👀🕶👽

  18. Travis Phillips says

    I love my home state. And as much as I love the places in this video … I mean: at 8:30, that’s Seattle. And the 10 places are maybe a bit safe. Oregon has way more amazing places that are off the beaten path. But we’ll keep all of those to ourselves 😉

  19. traveltheworldhack says

    So cool, I have a video on my channel from Oregon showing the most beautiful wild camping sites there

  20. Curtis Sherrill says

    Yeah, take the family to Portland and participate in nightly Riots and Looting. Wow, a vacation of a lifetime.

  21. Arleah Soliz says

    I honestly didn’t know people liked Oregon- Like i live here, is it really that great, I mean, sure it is beautiful, but it’s not al, that good-

  22. Bel Gand says

    I’m sorry I have been to pretty much all of the state parks in the US Crater Lake is number one for me…

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