1. Tyetoobad XD says

    Was anyone else confused when they used vodka in one of the recipes

  2. Cip Ollo says

    Please, stop doing this videos… I beg you… I'm italian and while watching this video I cried… Is this really how all the world sees italian food? If I would ever cook something like that in front of my family or friends I would really get insulted… what am I saying, I would start by insulting myself. In Italy there are some rules to respect to how handle food. Simple things that we are do since kids like knowing : to wait for the water (ONLY water or maybe broth in exeptions like minestra) to boil BEFORE putting pasta to cook; to respect the cooking times on the pakage of the pasta; in my opinion and in the place where I'm from we NEVER combine two different kinds of meat like bacon (pork) and chicken; alfredo sauce is NOT italian, it was mada by an italian (now hated by every italian) in america… I personally tried it and I didn't like it; the last thing that I want to say is about the exagerate use of butter, in Italy we almost never use it because we have extravirgin olive oil but I understand that this video was obviusly made for not italian people in countries where the oil can cost quite a lot so for this little thing I'm not going to judge much… I know it can seem like I'm crazy and I swear if you are still reading I am sorry. This video broke me, it was like watching someone put fish in a custard pie. I hope you understand… again I'm sorry

  3. Widnemrnn Jdnenrme says

    I am so convinced that a Russian guy made the vodka pasta dish

  4. Madyoe Yoe says

    Pasta is life ?

  5. Cute Glam says

    1. Cajun Chicken Alfredo – 00:00

  6. Luigi Girelli says

    Bella merda

  7. Erika Belllicini says

    I dislike sono degli italiani.

  8. just me says

    Lol 15 years old trying to learn how to cook

  9. Ham Slice says

    Me: FOR… HOW… MANY… PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  10. Zagread says

    Whats this obsession with spinach like Im not here for healthy food

  11. xiua chen says

    Made 0:34 creamy tomato shrimp. It's really good!!?? Thanks for the simplicity of your video!!

  12. Jasper Andrew says

    If u wait for the bottom half of spaghetti to cook n then put the rest in the boiling water doesn’t tht make for inconsistent pasta

  13. My Old account says

    Holy crap 11/2 cups of Parmesan 1:16

  14. Althea Duenas says

    I was craving for cheesecake then the next thing I knew I am craving for pasta

  15. Student Graciela Milam says


  16. 꿍식탁 kkung's table says

    wow looks so delicious ?????

  17. cristine atkison12 says

    I'm just torturing myself seeing this cause it looks so so tasty ?

  18. Conan Lindsay says

    Spinach in everything ?‍♂️

  19. Best N says

    A bit too fast to follow is this for the people to learn how to cook at home or just watching it for fun??????

  20. Arnav Talluri says

    Just imagine having professional chef parents!

  21. Subbarao vejandla says

    If you don't have cream just put milk and cheese it's the same results so yeah

  22. Dania Hisham says


  23. Harlem's Focus says

    I admire your videos. I appreciate that you take your time with them and love your cooking style. I learn a lot! and I'll cook it too!

  24. Daniele Pellegrino says

    Nooo! In Italy we don't eat these crap! In Italy you don't cook like that! before putting the pasta, boil the water! first you cook the pasta and then you put the ingredients, but genuinely and not in this lousy jumble! this is junk food worthy of the most disgusting american fast food! repulsive! Don't blaspheme!

  25. Kristiana life says

    2020 anyone

  26. Toxic Flour says

    Can i use canola oil or vege oil instead of butter when frying shrimp?

  27. Fifi says

    2 shots of vodka……

  28. Hsinwu Lau says

    I'm hungry after watching this

  29. PKJ says

    about to make 1:01

  30. Erin Howett says

    I always feel so bad for the shrimp in Tasty videos. Poor things get really overcooked…

  31. stephanie chen says

    the music was bomb af tho

  32. Itx Will says

    tasty: adds cheeseeverybody liked that

  33. Matteo Ziliani says

    Bella merda

  34. Kelly Brown says


  35. Kelly Brown says

    Oh how i love pasta

  36. Ravindra Bisineer says

    Wish something was veg…..

  37. Noemy Di Giuseppe says

    Tutto ma questo no!???

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