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Today’s video is all about FAT LOSS! I decided to go on a 10 day mini cut to clean things up from a couple of weeks of being off my diet.

I vlog the entire 10 day process and share with you all my top weight loss tips such as- Protein macro fasting, healthy protein crepes, low calorie snack options, cardio protocols and the mindset you need to have if you want to be successful!

10 days is not a lot of time! Hopefully this video can inspire you to put in the work and reach your fitness goals!

Thank you for watching 🙂

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  1. stu campbell says

    like the channel, and you of course. subbed <3 x

  2. Random Playlist says

    Thanks this videos is really a lot of help thanks for this I love your vids keep it up ??

  3. Joey M says

    There's a product called "True Lime" that makes powdered lemon, lime, and other fruit powders you can use in drinks, coning, etc. It's 0 calories. I mix salt, powdered lime, Append a, and water. That's my dressing. It is 0 calories. It is absolutely delicious!!! And you can use as much as you want.

  4. Cian Macken says

    Uses a cheese grater to zest a lemon ?

  5. Ominai187 says

    You know its bad when Ollie wont open up for Veuve Clicquot.LOL

  6. Nick Osborn says

    Dude when are you going to do a 10 day water fast?

  7. GTCam says

    Bolthouse FarmsBlue Cheese is actually one of the better dressings in existence, as blue cheese goes anyway. I was pleasantly surprised.So, I just dropped in here, what was your workout regimen like during this? Or was it just walking?

  8. Peter Jones says

    Hi. I have found amazing method how to lose weight. I have tried a lot of diets, most of them were based only on cutting down the calories but I can tell you for sure that is not the answer. If you want to learn how i did lose weight, email me: fanderp72@gmail.com

  9. Corinthians McMyllion McCulluck says

    This is essentially Carbbackloading. And you never really IF since you were doing alot of goofy clickbaity 'I tried this diet for a week and this what happened ' videos

  10. Gabriele Savant says

    by the way another solution it's1kg fish daycut half trainingno vegetables, no fat.little walking every day evening before bed and than no food for 8 hoursok it's no funny, but works.the bomber blond scool

  11. Reinhard Rebane says

    Why is it so satisfying to watch Will bench press?

  12. A Ruse says

    Dude…slow down

  13. horriblepancake says

    Will you should try a fast video. idk if you've done one but it would be cool to see how long you last since you're a big eater. it may also be good for you digestive track

  14. Claire D. says

    Thanks a lot for the idea of macro fasting, so easier than regular fasting and it feels healthier to my body. Perfect to manage big family dinners !Also : very good video quality, with good music, you're the one I look at when I search motivation and when I want to relax : thanks !

  15. Anita Thinner says

    Thanks so much for explain everything and make it so fun and easy to understand ♡

  16. KitKat PitterPat says

    How do you talk that fast without stuttering? ?

  17. ꜱᴘᴀᴄᴇʙᴏʏ says

    Going to be trying those crepes tomorrow!

  18. Troels Knudsen says

    Those crepes! That looks absolutely amazing, easily a shoe in at many restaurants if done right.

  19. Richard mercado says

    Am I the only one who cracked up at the starfish and missionary position??

  20. Neal Lee says

    This is a very underrated channel on the fitness mindset lifestyle! I've been following since the beginning and its a good mix of education and entertainment!

  21. Frankie Paul says

    I really like the fact your before and after shots are done using the same lighting same poses ect, alot of youtubers pick the most unflattering and the most faltering conditions for the shots respectfully. You do things the correct way for your viewers, lots of respect for that dude.

  22. Rob Arcarola says

    I'm sorry you've got one of those families that insists on going out to eat during the pandemic. Great video otherwise

  23. Jami Steven says

    If you want a good salad dressing just throw some lemon/maple syrup/white vinegar/olive oil into a bowl with salt/pepper dash of garlic powder and mustard. Easy. Also, that sausage is gross dude, super processed junk protein.

  24. Gobika Ayyanar ravichandran says

    keeping count on calories..thats good actually! https://shrinkme.io/3b3ks

  25. Leucci11 says

    i wanted to see you party in mykonos with your doggie though

  26. Finch Harper says

    Too many commercials.

  27. GM7 says

    How do you lose 2 pounds in one or two days???

  28. Lucifer Takhar says

    in canada they put the calories of food on the menu now so it does make it alot easier to have some idea of how much u ate

  29. Jayce Scanlon says

    Can you talk any faster?! Jesus Christ, dude.

  30. Morgan Williams says

    The “I tried eating like ___” are the best

  31. João Santos says

    Damn, this turkey sausage seems great.

  32. Best Pranksters says

    If you have a girlfriend to do a diet with, then that's easy af…

  33. Sour Mane says

    It would be nice if will entered his special meals he shows on MyFitnessPal so that it would be easier on his viewers. And I don’t think it would be much more work since he enters it anyway. Just a thought 🙂

  34. Oblivious Oleg says

    Cheese last gang, where you at homies?

  35. Isa Ngo says

    I’m a simple guy, I eat chicken and rice

  36. Joseph Freeman says

    What calorie tracking app is he using??

  37. Johanna Hellinger says

    After 10 to 14 days in a calorie deficit, do you just go back to your normal amount of food and calories in like one day? I'm afraid of the yo-yo effect

  38. Gaby says

    yes finally someone else does the frozen blueberry syrup hack! and the poke bowl!!! yes love it!

  39. Sid says

    Is it weird that we havent seen him smile or laugh?

  40. Brady Warnock says

    He’s is just so fucking original

  41. Brady Warnock says

    Broo Will is the best ngl

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