1. Yen Lawrence says

    2:22wtf skill?

  2. Yen Lawrence says

    referee like: wtf you all want????

  3. Tanya Villanueva says

    i like what the guy who took the penalty and what he did at number 10

  4. Veniza Yamomo says

    What happened in the last clip? Huhu

  5. You know where Hugh go says

    Would never happen now lol

  6. 〈彡XʜᴜɴᴛᴇʀX彡〉 says

    The manger be like : "The Bald guy in Pakistan jersey" ?

  7. Mir Jawad Chandio says

    무슨 방송을 하는지 알려줘야 들어가보든가 하지… 마카롱티비가 뭔지 아시는분??

  8. Bangladeshi singer Salma Akter says

    hoxy 마카롱티비 아시는분?? 저한테 알려주세요!!

  9. Rituraj zone says

    무슨 뭔지도 안알려주고 그냥 마카롱티비 개쩐다 뭐 이런거만 써있어! 뭔지는 알려줘야지!

  10. Gaming Freak says

    진짜 하다하다 홍보를 유튜브 댓글로 하네 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 나도 들어가봐야 겠네 마카롱티비.

  11. Ali’s Family says

    여기저기 댓글로 뿌려져있는 마카롱티비 이거 뭐냐?? 알려줘라!!

  12. TubeVideos says

    그래서 인터넷에 그냥 마카롱티비 치면 나와요??

  13. SZPRYCER says

    역시 유튜브 마카롱티비 쩔어주네요…

  14. مايو راي-MiORi says

    마카롱티비보는데 왤케 지리냐 나…ㅠㅠ

  15. Pro Gaming Topic says

    혹시나 하고 유튜브에 마카롱티비 쳐봤는데 역시나…

  16. Shayan Kid's Media says

    Hii watched.. liked.. plz subscribe me also ?

  17. Hijral Sebeli Monte says

    2:25 How did he nutmegged the opponent like that ? I mean that is sick ya know. Smoother than Sean Garnier did

  18. victorious hitman says

    And the award goes to Suarez

  19. Dustin Travis says

    Wait…that dude at 1:43 is just me taking my regular penalty kicks.

  20. Horia Balaban says

    The number 2 was not fair play=)))) the green team got 2 player sent off by mistake of the referees and wanted to leave the field. On the first penalty the keeper just stood with the back to the field in form of protest. He got a yellow and the penalty was retaken.

  21. Shaheen Shaheen says


  22. Jack Grant says

    You just know their teammates are like “ fucks sake” ??

  23. Karabi Sarma Talukdar says

    This is called Football.

  24. Niko kK says

    666 thousands subscribers creepy

  25. Bolasiebendrei says

    Is valid No.1?

  26. doctor_alfa MC says

    Musuk is too loud

  27. LIZARD says

    3:50 wtf referre autist or what?

  28. Jordon Yearwood says

    Penaldo would be triggered by this video

  29. daro87 hehe says

    To byly stare dobre czasy kiedy slowa fair play coś jeszcze znaczyły. Teraz to jedna wielka szopka. Jeszcze sie nie dotkną a juz umierają z bólu ?

  30. jaelen lee says

    football players back then: I flopped, no penalty.football players now: ReF, ThAt Is A PeNaLtY!!

  31. 01worldguy01 says

    Should the referee give a yellow card for NOT executing the penalty properly

  32. Alex Amusic says

    what a quality video…….'90s

  33. Boudewijn Mulder says

    What a game this would be if all this fake BS would be cut out…

  34. Damian Młynarski says

    Awesome! This is absolutely beautiful! We need more such players!

  35. SeekerOfTheTruth says

    The music totally ruined it

  36. Meshach Nicholas says

    And now their us 2020 Never happening again??

  37. 123ThisIsMe says

    This is old footage, nowadays the fair play and morals have all but disappeared in football, especially Southern European country football

  38. Jenny Jackson says

    This music is terrible

  39. Let’s take a walk says

    Also known as: Everyone agrees the ref was an idiot.

  40. The-hee :3 says

    Lol all the vids are old cuz in if that happens in the football today no one would be that fair anymore

  41. Sebastien says

    I barely hear the music.

  42. Robert Oldroyd says

    Why play shit music over the commentators. ????

  43. Phill Banks says

    That fucking music dude way too loud and shit

  44. Denys Sejas says

    this videos are O L Dhonor was a sport’s value.now is all business and money’s value… even cheating is an allowed strategy.

  45. sakhya mukherjee says

    Those days we had players confessing they were not touched when penalty was awarded, or intentionally not scoring.Today we have Neymar & Ramòs

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