10 Fashion Rules You Should ALWAYS Follow!


10 Fashion Rules You Should ALWAYS Follow! For links to all items mentioned or shown in this video, click SHOW MORE!

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  1. rebekita says

    the running shoe thing is one of my biggest pet peeves !!

  2. Yvette Breedt says

    You are fun to watch and always so joyful!

  3. Gali ezra says

    Please stop making so many joke's! It is sooooo exhausting

  4. Natalia Natalia says

    Very light , thoughtful and relevant presentations .

  5. Chelsea Doiron says

    Speaking of boot names my name is Chelsea lol

  6. AnnaAyaz Khan says

    The only people who wear sunglasses inside are blind people

    And douchebags
    -Dean Winchester

  7. maria thapa says

    You are really funny 🤣… Love it,love ur ideas and videos….

  8. Sansu PADRI says

    Always the BEST👏👏👏👏

  9. Erika Vystartaite says

    from fashion rules to rules on how to behave, sorry but didnt like this one. do not wear sunglasses inside – if i feel in a bad mood but i need to shop ill wear sunglasses. No sneakers with skinny jeans? Yes if you have cool fashion sneakers they will look amazing with any outfit, literally any outfit, jut need to know how to style.

  10. Madevza says

    Why do I feel your sign is a Virgo or Gemini

  11. cat& games says

    Omg people calm down
    She said "maybe" "I think" y'all make it sound like she was pushing the running shoes thing down your throat

  12. DollyJohanne says

    Thank you for sharing 😊
    I am not sure if you see this so many months after, but what do you think about the rule of “long on top, match with short in button”. It is a “rule” I heard for a dear friend many years ago, and we wear skirts/dresses exclusively, so a tunic to mid thigh, should not be par with a long skirt, but a skirts just covering the knees. For me it was eye opening, and it is practice with the rule of loose on top, more fitted on bottom. It is so you don’t look frumpy.

    Thank you again, love from Johanne, Norway 💕😊

  13. Angelina Forrest says

    where did you get your chelsea boots?

  14. Alyssa Smith says

    My mom wore a white dress when I got married.

  15. Angela M says

    No lady, no knowledge of fashion. Don't know who follows this crap.

  16. Fiker says

    I agree with 8

  17. Aknoor says

    not every person wears white to there wedding 🥱🙄 punjabis wear red so like your advise is faker then ur videos

  18. Le Stupid says

    Ok but some of these are just stupid

  19. Mimi's spot says

    So ehen you said consider subscribing, i just got right pushed and went running to hit the button lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣,girl you pushy indeed…. you made me feel guilty watching without subbing😊😊😊

  20. Anna Krivan says

    I love navy and black!

  21. Chrysi Hliop says

    Im not an expert but doesn't Anna Wintour wear sunglasses inside and generally EVERYWHERE; 🤔

  22. jem niño says

    Anong isusuot mo kapg nandito ka sa pilipinas nakatira

  23. I'm Askeladd says

    I follow alot of korean fashion and sometimes oversize shirts with wide pants look good.

  24. MadHikikomori says

    Im gonna reveal as much as i want thank you very much conservative lady😂

  25. Alexis says

    Ugh I also still see people wearing white to weddings and I always immediately think they're either trashy or really full of themselves and aloof – not a cute look

  26. IndigoRoseDiaries says

    Agreed with sunglasses, but I do wear them with headaches and when working in front of the computer. So medicinally.

  27. Agossou Sara says

    Dear lady it’s 2020 no matter the context in which you put your rules ther are outdated and approximately nobody cares.

  28. Helena Rowley says

    So about the AirPods thing…. i'd love it if people didn't talk to me when my AirPods were in. They are in for a reason!

  29. Sarah Jane Toledo says

    “No matter how far I button down my blouse, I will never have cleavage.”

    I can definitely relate Shea! 😂

  30. Natalie Batchelder says

    I mean, I wear a flowy skirt with a blouse sometimes, but I do tuck it in so I think it’s fine

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