1. Fai AX SILVerSTEIN says

    1:02 was a very bad act….. ?

  2. md:rakib pathan says


  3. Lorentino Angelov says

    Каквато и длъжност да изпълняват жените, винаги са дами….?

  4. Issaka Kabore says


  5. Kewoy Family says




  7. Pratyush Kumar Shrivastava says

    How rude are they ?

  8. Verb OG says

    It no funny it sad

  9. Rajorshi Mukherjee says

    2:20 im sure if it would have been a male referee, no one cared that much ????

  10. Utsav Rokka says

    2:36 the funniest part ??

  11. Black Avenger27 says

    The referee and Kaka

  12. Friendly Fire says

    1:53 She : IM JUST DOING MY JOB

  13. Manpreet Kaur says

    0:42 Girl that actually gets hit hard:- Acts like nothing happened.Grown men gets touched:- aaaahhhh

  14. Jamie3.0 says


  15. Kikru Pielie says

    3:28 her name

  16. Max Zakho says

    1:13 not funny..its so sad

  17. Bart Pm says

    2:01 his smile tho?

  18. Dee Must Die says

    Between funniest n sadness??

  19. Anubhav Trivedi says

    OmgLolololololFeeling pity for referees too

  20. PUBG_ Official says

    1:14 his face like jimmy in bully

  21. Shajuan Stuart says


  22. Nika Queen says

    רשום לשופטת על החולצה "אלקטרה"

  23. Osman Turay says

    The referee joins the celebration

  24. roxana rodriguez says


  25. Mckillop Media says

    3:52 favourite moment ?

  26. shaw davies says

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  27. kaua garcia says

    Aquela juiza do 00:50 meu deus gataa

  28. Dmitriy Rozkin says

    3:27 is best 🙂

  29. lmwrt says


  30. Maham Shah says

    It’s annoying when footballer knock someone over and the footballer doesn’t even say sorry

  31. Vojteen says

    Rest in peace kobe??

  32. Ryzor Mahoe says


  33. Ryzor Mahoe says

    i feel bad for this people.i love this people

  34. Ryzor Mahoe says

    i am crying for no reason?????

  35. Best Tube 4u says

    click here and watch pakistani talent https://youtu.be/79tsHpib0No

  36. tkm YT says

    I love the soundtrack.Where can I find it

  37. Rajmond gráncsa says

    Haliho angolok en magyar vagyok de se gaz xd ?

  38. Osman Durakovic says

    Hahahahajjajahaj Bravo?

  39. I do cards says

    Finally the actual video not just a black screen and music.

  40. Spicy _Mario says

    Sometimes I wonder how referees feel when they do something wrong

  41. NollywoodChannelTv says

    Nice and entertaining

  42. Marek Jurák says

    You Are good man

  43. NollywoodChannelTv says

    1:04 that's his real face?

  44. NollywoodChannelTv says

    0:17 i just watched Matrix reloaded? that was awesome

  45. NollywoodChannelTv says

    0:05 what's wrong with him… ?

  46. Árbitros De Fútbol says

    The referees we are the best ??

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  48. Nisse Kullberg - Elev Hasslöskolan 3H says


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