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  1. Ally Larson says

    what kind of tomato sauce do you use?

  2. MISS YANYI says

    I could never give up potato chips tho ? those pop chips are not the same… but still delicious. I’ll swap it once in a while ?

  3. Mille Jensen says

    8:52 – Her: “They are packed with so many unnessesary ingredients and sugar.”Smoothie on the table: “No sugar added”Me: uhmmmm??

  4. Emily McClure says

    Girl I get it with the soda, I only buy Bubly and I love it so much. It's the carbonation that I crave

  5. leanna ashley says

    i just NEED an alternative for hot cheetos / takis, those are my weakness

  6. Amber Dobbins says

    Whit, where do you get the nutritional yeast and the smart sweets!?!? I need these in my life!

  7. Chutton says

    I think your heart is in the right place for this video, but the intro to the potato chips part threw me off. "If I catch you with potato chips" didn't sit right with me. We can indulge in "bad" foods in moderation once in a while, if it helps prevent us from going on a crazy binge later from over-restriction! That comment just rubbed me the wrong way a bit

  8. Michelle B says

    Not gonna lie, I took a break fr watching my usual fitness/health YouTube channels ever since I got down in the dumps about my knee surgery/recovery. My knee is still not 100%, but I’m here to say I’m back & have ONLY been watching Whit!! I’m so here for these NUTRITIONAL, uplifting vids. I’m tired of feeling sorry for myself and letting the lbs. creep on. Thanks, Whit, for reigniting my fitness flame?

  9. Amanda Morgan says

    I am a new fan of Whitney and I gotta say, does anyone else find it enthralling that she doesn’t move her eyebrows!!?

  10. Nora Gomez says

    vitamin water is literally so good though ?

  11. Ella Duelks says

    is there a healthier version of nilla wafers or just cookies in general?

  12. Sadia says

    I hate how healthy alteratives are usually like twice the price 🙁 I want to snack smart but unless I'm snacking on pure fruit it's usually more expensive!

  13. Tina Torres says

    Where'd you buy all the food

  14. coldie lox says

    does Gatorade count?

  15. Emily Grimes says

    It’d be awesome to see a budget friendly food swaps! Some of these are a little unrealistic when you’re trying to ball on a budget ??

  16. Ashley Petitt says

    Loooove you. Just a thought but when you do another video like this could you put the price differences????

  17. john jones says

    leave me and my potato chips alone lol

  18. Destiny V says

    I have a problem… I love vitamin water but not infused water for me the flavors not strong enough even if I leave it for a few hours any one have any tips?

  19. Destiny V says

    Just saying 42 grams of carbs is more than I used to eat in a day

  20. Jenny Harris says

    Wish I was one of those people that could like nutritional yeast. It looks so good on video but for me it tastes/smells like fish food. Love all your other swap options though and your personality!! You just gained a new subscriber 🙂

  21. Jocelyn Wright says

    I watched your first food swaps video and the yogurt ranch is the ONLY ranch I use now I AM obsessed!!!!Will definitely be trying these out 🙂

  22. Blahkabelison says

    I would be sooo healthy if fresh fruit wasnt so crazy expensive

  23. Baylor Eaton says

    Your look today reminds me if Khloe Kardashian but you always look god no matter what

  24. Kareen Hallak says

    What about healthy alternatives with fewer preservatives and ingredients?

  25. EmmersbeeGreekgirl says

    love the sentiment behind this video but some of her wording is SO TOXIC

  26. Julia says

    I'm all for healthy swaps, but I don't think we should encourage strong language like suggesting someone never eat chips. It is totally ok to eat regular chips once in a while! Extreme restriction (even if you're swapping to something else) is still a dangerous mindset.

  27. Jariah Mckay says

    they need to put cancer warning labels on diet coke and other diet drinks. Because aspartame cause many problems, and cancer is one of them! Or maybe we should stop allowing food and drink companies to make products that make us sick ?? in a perfect world I guess. ?

  28. Morgan Justine says

    Stevia gives me and my family really bad migraines but we are trying to consume less sugar. Does anyone know of good water flavorings that are sugar AND stevia free?

  29. Kylie says

    I always go for the zero cal/sugar vitamin waters! 🙂

  30. Feeding Joeboy says

    I don’t intentionally swap out food but I sometimes intentionally cut down like don’t finish up a bag of chips in one seating but spread it out to a few days. Still a firm believer of moderation.

  31. Brittney Arsenov says

    My problem is that exercise never makes me feel good after I do it. I always just want to shower and take a nap. Since quarantine, I’ve been walking 45 minutes a day and doing floor hiit videos but I don’t feel good after. Any suggestions? My diet is very clean and Whole Foods based.

  32. Angel Robertson says

    Where do you normally go grocery shopping for these different alternatives?

  33. Sierra Moore says

    But did ya eat all that yummy crap after the video or did you actually trash it? Sounds tempting

  34. Jessee Nixon says

    I turned this on right after I ate some of my kids chicken nuggets and then had a handful of cheese its …Where do you get the candies? also the chips? Trader Joes is pretty far from me

  35. Sarah Johnson says

    This makes me feel better about the fact that I eat like 14yo! ?? love these swap ideas! It's hard to know what brands to get! Thank you!!

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