1. Facundo Viale says

    1:26 thats a real keeper

  2. ameira ball says

    It's soccer not football

  3. Fantaisy Watson says


  4. Q A 19 says


  5. hola soy mateo says


  6. Pvsk RAO says

    Guards must maintain dogs.

  7. Fading Pixel says

    Who would do that

  8. Jean carles Arce says

    This is too far man ?

  9. Just another husky says

    Notice in the picture at the start it said police

  10. Mxtzz says

    You can’t even call 60% of these people fans

  11. Buta Kordzaia says


  12. Estefania Fernandez says

    A los tipos estos se les sube la fama ala cabeza quien se creen ello para hacer esas cosas ?

  13. Oliver Krüger says

    Mit denn raten ist Tierquälerei

  14. johan berrio says

    Ahruevdjdhdjd djjf dbddjdbd fbyevf dbe bhhj e fufvjf f dkf fjf fb f uff me r didicho de no hizo el ID sip ya co do dice con cu un con ya las son no es La la su ok cu ocupado xo de no la he Estado la es fui gif es no da la dp es no xo no de ya la Ro un es ksfbjd dvdj de kdcdj xo lic es hi fa off el lo

  15. johan berrio says

    Getcdjs kg gshdbskhshdyeve djehrjehjwue d dbehvehe e. Euevebebdheveje ejevej r dhebhe fnsgrbld djbfjf fldvejjevr. Dkhtebjsoie uejjeoigekieygeiyge djehbelegw oi eheueyeufe

  16. AR mohammud Tony says


  17. AR mohammud Tony says

    who throw a thing in ronaldo

  18. t s says

    At 1:23 it's the black panther group!

  19. Ondra Bambušek says


  20. Renato Galicia says

    No entiendo

  21. your bro says

    The runer was like a joker

  22. Lucy Kiers says

    like if your from netherlands

  23. Raphael Filho de Deus says


  24. A&F_Gameplays says

    Sígueme en yt ?⬅️ suscribe

  25. Isidoros Vasilis says

    AEK forever!!Sam from Athens, Greece

  26. Omik Hasan Sohel says

    Very funny

  27. Betty Will says

    youre right te man in he parachute took it way to far

  28. Paula Guillen says

    1:39 que hijo de puuuuuuuu

  29. flash gaga gros says


  30. Lusiani Matsani says


  31. DopeManHunter says

    He went naked fucking a pole XD

  32. plorepire09 plays Krunker & Fortnite says

    почему чувак, фанаты каждой команды должны это делать ????

  33. Praveer Sewock says

    Procrastination videos…

  34. Lajim Shrees says


  35. CHEROUALI Mohamed el hadi says


  36. Erivan Dionisio says


  37. Zoltán Kis says


  38. mrabbas says


  39. Object show Animator says

    Despite the fact that there is a naked man running on the football field

  40. Ti M says

    1:57 c’est les inachevés

  41. Carlos Mesquita says

    seus otarios

  42. Tom Evans says

    Shoot a couple these pieces of shit and maybe these a holes would stop.

  43. Jabba Wockey says

    nice waste of time .. ty for nothing !

  44. Tobias Larson says

    2:15 hhahahahhhahahah

  45. Kelly Bear says

    0:38 the guy is stripping

  46. jana kozová says

    Simulant ronaldo


    Cool wow I love it so cool Wow

  48. doctor_alfa MC says

    1:39 the guy in the trikot looks like the unreal meme man lol

  49. Matthew Burnham says

    00:50 I swear that's lewis capaldi

  50. Maskdinoguy02 says

    2:50 when someone pull out a chocolate bar

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