10 Most Controversial Video Game Achievements Ever


From the sexist to the infuriating.

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  1. DIO hands you an L says

    I can't believe Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway was released on my birthdaycool

  2. Omegaslashbuster1 says

    You forgot Valkyrie Drive. Busting Out. Raise one characters BOOB level to the maximum.

  3. Tyrell Emerson says


  4. Richard Bowen says

    Lol GTA literally does all of these combined.

  5. dvd nunley says

    I usually don't watch the video (I listen in background) unless I hear Jules announce he's here.

  6. norman graves says

    after seeing this vid I am so glad I never got into gaming. and cant understand the mindset of those who do

  7. Anarchist Z says

    People who got offended by "Bros before Hoes", how does it feel to be retarded??

  8. michael cole says

    hmm, was the up skirt in lollipop chainsaw deserve a spot? how about any achievements from naughty bear, duke nukem, mugen souls or akiba's trip? Wasn't there also some achievement for looking up the skirt of Ashley in resident evil 4? And those are just the perverted ones. games like Mortal Kombat, Valkyrie Chronicles, Never dead, Dead pool, Deception 4 have a few achievements that all have to do with killing others and/or yourself in many ways. This was just a few off the top of my head, but your probably right. The ones you mentioned are the most KNOWN ones. Who hasn't played Fifa 10. Am I right?

  9. stupid5pin says

    Proud owner of the "Bladder of Steel" achievement right here. Played right through it. So thankful my bathroom was immediately off my living room at the time.

  10. Kraken Was Slayed says

    I purely by accident got the R.Kelly Protege

  11. Brett Spillman says

    Great message at the end of the video! +1 sub

  12. shadow13azul says

    2b had a nice ass I feel no shame

  13. Steve Britton says

    I'm surprised you didn't mention the infamous Hot Coffee achievement from GTA

  14. deedsyosu071 says

    Great message at the end, definitely earned a like.

  15. thoth tahuti says

    Dedication would have been not sleeping…

  16. E Shoji says

    good message at the end. thanks

  17. Andy Lor says

    Who came just because of the thumbnail?

  18. weedavieraff on snapchat says

    pogchamp suicide

  19. llaith2 says

    Beautiful comments at the end dude…

  20. bibbobella says

    That last one is honestly the only one I would want to get changed. The rest are childish, stupid but fun and harmless but that last one..that is not okay…romanticising suicide should honestly be avoided as much as fucking possible. It isn't beatiful it is tragic and horrible and hurt so many people.The only ending that should have the achievement should be the ending where you survive. They could call it something like "Hard but right" to illustrate it isn't just so easy as to push a button but without a doubt the correct answer..the other..is just…no..what where they thinking. I don't know if they were trying to tell people it isn't just bad to kill oneself, as a means to ease the pain of people whom have lost someone or what exactly they were going for with that, but that isn't right..that is so far from right…

  21. Shane Koehler says

    Offended people are cute.

  22. Avery Marshall says

    Literally every fifa game is the same thing every year ?

  23. Cody Khaos says

    What about the "Chapelle Show" achievement in Postal 2?

  24. Purple Spark says

    Why is it so important for people to unlock achievements?

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