10 Most Humiliating Defeats In Matches Of Big Football Clubs • 2010s Decade


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  1. XastriaX Astria says

    3:15I thought it said humiliation of big football teams?

  2. Kaan Ulgezer says

    Germany 7-1 Brazil

  3. Kandowa Tech says

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  4. El Chapo says

    What problem does bayern munchen has with Primier league teams????Guys please help me grow my channel??subscribe

  5. Connor Wilkins says

    VAR would have ruined half of these games

  6. Neil Lugg says

    Winning all the time is not necessarily good for the team .

  7. MGalvis145 says

    Madrid 2-6 Barcelona in bernabeu and Barcelona 5-1 Madrid in Camp Nou 2018

  8. fernando alonso escudero giraldo says

    Emm i would not include Barcelona vs PSG…..

  9. Alejandro Jose Carballo says

    6:04 que bonito me encanto ese momento

  10. Jose Moreno says

    PSG vs BARCELONA one of the biggest robberies in football history

  11. Andang Wicaksono Murwito says

    This channel is so good, but covered with too much ads

  12. Nianzeu vom Nde says

    Why always me??? ???

  13. Leon Heydemann says

    How about Germany hs brazil 7:1?

  14. Matthew Joyce says

    I remember watching the Barcelona comeback Vs PSG. I felt very sorry for PSG that night. But I will never forget the excitement in the commentator's voice when Roberto scored.

  15. Ermínio jr says

    Aguero was obviously offside

  16. VENKAT GANTA says


  17. Alexander Pedro says

    Mi: knock knock Harry Kane: who's there mi: 7 Harry Kane: 7 who Mi: 7-2

  18. Sergio kun says

    Manchester city5-0 Liverpool

  19. Vatsala Singh says

    5-0 man city vs liverpool?Ohh sorry….big teams.

  20. Nilesh Mahindrakar says

    8:23 this one is hilarious ??

  21. 蝦王祺 says

    Who knows 10:18 picture?? Please❤️

  22. Miguel Lopez says

    Barcelona only won vs psg cause Suarez dived and got a penalty

  23. Lisa Padfield says

    Lol. ????????????

  24. Lisa Padfield says

    I so good at football give me a like

  25. Daniel Mahmoud says

    Bayern were so good, and then Guardiola joined

  26. David Scipione says

    Robben fenomeno n 1 al ???⚽, come diceva mia mamma R. I. P tvttttttb David, sei un ????assieme CON Cruijff R. I. P leggend ⚽????⚽ sono italoolandese forza ???

  27. super killers No1 says

    blue moon my team

  28. Kaizer Games says

    This video show us about…Messy : if he lose.. he cant get up and will said to retire… easy to give up..C.ronaldo : when he lose.. he will be more motivated to win for show who is the boss… ex : wolfburg, atletico, m.city When he lose in final euro.. ronaldo not said will retire…But ahen messy lose in copy because miss pen… messy want to retire ?

  29. Music Addict says

    Like for Bayern Munchen

  30. H e n t a r o says

    Feyenoord-Ajax 6-2 2019

  31. BobMarley420 says

    How many free kicks man utd get in the arsenal match?

  32. Marcel Cibik says

    An absolute disgrace to my club arsenal!!!!!??????????????

  33. David Vasquez says

    6:08 ignoring that PSG is the biggest bottle jobs in Europe, they should have given the matchball to the ref

  34. Gaijianlu Gangmei says

    Barcelona loss 0-7 because pique I bald ???

  35. Kanuni Lek Dukagjinit says

    Fc bayeerrrnnnnnn ????

  36. PAN 01 says


  37. Ubabuko Chikwado says

    Bayern just loves abusing London teams

  38. Xavier Lol says

    Only the elite would see how pique dabbed before roberto scored

  39. GE_OarK says

    Everyone´s Gangsta until Bayern getting started

  40. August Stilling says

    Where are Chelsea beating arsenal 6-0 just asking cus some of these results are not as humiliating as that

  41. Sergio Aguero says

    Like : Pele Comment : Maradona

  42. Game is Heroiin says

    What, second goal Aguero its offside

  43. daniel estevez says

    It wasn't so humiliating, but I remembered that match where Borussia Dortmund defeated Real Madrid 4-1 with one of the best individual performances i've ever seen of Lewandowski, who made all the goals. It was on the first leg of 2013 Ucl semifinal


    Barcelon: uses MessiIts litle efectiveBayern: uses BlitzkriegIts Super efective

  45. coraje says


  46. sajjad maleki says

    Like if u want bayern plays against crystal palace to complete the london destruction

  47. sajjad maleki says

    Arsenal is so overrated

  48. Douwe-Henk Hofman says

    The 6-1 Barca vs PSG was more humiliating for the UEFA than for PSG because of the ref's performance in that game.

  49. nai i adidah says

    Barcelona 4-0 MilanMadrid 1-4 Ajax Barcelona 4-0 Manchester City Toteham 2-7 BayernBorussia 4-1 Madrid Barcelona 5-1 Madrid Madrid 0-4 Barcelona Borussia 4-0 Atletico MadridAtletico Madrid 4-0 Madrid Why you dont post this matchs?? Are u a fanatic of Real Madrid??

  50. AURORA GAMING says

    Man u vs as Roma 7-1

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