1. Sanjay Hariparsad says

    These speeds are all bullshit.. its physically impossible to kick a ball at 200km per hr let alone 250 plus km.

  2. shimojones says

    I am not sure the last one was 266km/h. That is almost double the speed of Roberto Carlos's goal at 138km/h and I would think that a dead ball would not have the extra force that can be converted from a ball moving toward you like Poldi, Reid or Ibra's, though Mandirali did have a very powerful shot.

  3. Allah is great says

    Imagining myself in front of these shots make me feel , I am going to destroyed by canon balls 🏀

  4. Som Hansda says

    একটা গোল গেল কমফু ফুটবল দেখে নে

  5. KhylleOfficialYT says

    Shaolin soccer is still the best

    Who else!!!

  6. YouTube Lordsmiler says

    Bro this is like rocket league

  7. VAJRA- KING2 says

    most of us come here for thumbnail

  8. Prince Dave says

    I came here to see if it is really broken. And look what I've found. The title itself is "The Real Broken". 😑

  9. Shorts AM Videos says
  10. man united live says

    Ronaldo ronaldo ronaldo❤️😘

  11. RIZKI HASAN says

    🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨 BAGUS KAHFI

  12. Kidtoonoob says

    Can we have a minute of silience for the people who thought there was gonna see the clip where the goalie actually broke

  13. muhammad abbasi says


  14. Town Skalla says

    What is the best product or brand to improve your soccer technique? I read plenty of great opinions on the net about how exactly Episoketren System can help you increase your soccer skills. Has anybody tried using this popular training course?

  15. Jesus loves all says

    Jesus loves you all❤️, allow him into your hearts

  16. Jesus loves all says

    Jesus loves you all❤️, allow him into your hearts

  17. Jesus loves all says

    Jesus loves you all❤️, allow him into your hearts

  18. Fine Ok says

    Who came here by seeing the thumbail pic

  19. Marco Gaviola says

    Man these goals are as fast as a supercar, the goal and the supercar should race (sorry if you don’t understand my english pretty much because Im a filipino)

  20. Ignite Alone says

    it is soccer not football

  21. Riley I guess says

    The one kid at the street pitch: dont count it was a toe punt

  22. jawed hussain khan says

    F**k off. Clickbait only

  23. Niall O'Doherty says

    Jaysus, good man steven Reid 🇮🇪 ☘

  24. Jayden Kong says

    Imagine the ball are Lamborghini crashed on you… I was once hitted by volley shot on my chest, felt like heart attack and immediately sent to hospital for emergency treatment.. by the way it's just a school competition, I'm skinny enough to play football😭

  25. Aierek says

    These shots are lethal, you could actually break someone's neck and kill them.

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