1. Sid says

    Football player = Stupid.

  2. Genode says

    1:50 what a legend

  3. alex CR7 says


  4. Ivan Brace says

    Hate football players,,,it is no longer about sport.

  5. Nesari Ahmad nasir says

    0:56 funny cavani women hahaha

  6. FC Football Coaching says


  7. XIo-olX says

    People talking about the owl more than Fabricio getting racist insults and having a nervous breakdown

  8. Juandiego Acevedo says

    F por el buho

  9. Mr Bentley says

    Whats the Owl done to you? F*** Idiot

  10. Nazi Grammar says

    fucking garbage – they r trash. We should respect scientists, doctors etc. but fucking football stupid garbage

  11. Antonio Martinez says

    4:12 Racism

  12. Alex Laloo says

    All the actions are very good But we should say No To Racism

  13. Ramsey Klose says

    Suck emery

  14. maximo 8caracteres says

    Quien viene por el video de xbuyer

  15. gerard henry says

    All in the heat of the game except kicking the owl that was bad

  16. Laura Garcia says

    Alguien sabe quien es el jugador putoooooooo

  17. Iwan Zaenal says

    Not gentle so haha saya suka haji suka isteri

  18. Iwan Zaenal says

    Supaya iwan ga ikutan habis borok buduk bisul

  19. Iwan Zaenal says

    Haha i knew but sengaja not follow

  20. Iwan Zaenal says


  21. Iwan Zaenal says


  22. Iwan Zaenal says

    Just curug malela yach smp

  23. Iwan Zaenal says

    Beda bangeut yach iam and you wong edan gelo crazy man crazy boy so mangga pake annas

  24. Iwan Zaenal says

    Astaghfirullohal adzim jelma loba kitu

  25. Cohen Butler says

    ??? how much excitement there is 1:07 ??? ??????

  26. lottatore2 says

    quello che calcia la civetta, andrebbe castrato, poi bastonato, infine mandato a spaccare pietre con la testa tanto …

  27. JMoruzzi says

    Owl: "Hey look, this is my Charlie George in the '71 FA Cup Final…OOF!"

  28. Renga Natha says

    0.38 I will kick that bastard

  29. S Waldron says

    That’s the reason I’ve stopped watching modern footballs even my favourite football club.

  30. neighbour the noisy says

    the last one was not stupid at all. he was offended, and the way he acted was sympathetic

  31. KINGSACS says

    So you think that reacting on rassism is stupid ? Wrong

  32. william charles says

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  33. Brandon Xia says

    Diving is a professional sport.

  34. Americo Moreno says

    Like si viniste por el vídeo de xbuyer

  35. InReal - Brawl Stars says

    0:42 That's so beautifoul :'(

  36. mi pana Miguel says

    0:35 ??

  37. 439zahidkhan says

    The pri## that kicked that owl should be name

  38. Batambuze Rashid says

    Hihihihi Alex song was stupid also lol

  39. Nice Muba says

    Football prayers should behave with respect

  40. GloGlo International says


  41. Jeff Russell says

    Who kicked that owl thats shiy

  42. 3-point SPLASH says

    I rate hazard for what he did ball boy is an idiot

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