1. John Goerger says

    Additionally on the TWILIGHT ZONE movie the children used violated industrial movie standards by Director/Film Company

  2. David Dubuis says

    So the extra in transformers asked for $350k, the studio contested it and ended up paying out %18.5 million? Nice one.

  3. david edbrooke-coffin says

    A lot of greed!

  4. Benet Simon says

    Is it really a "!massive" lawsuit without a massive settlement? So it's really THREE movie scenes that lead to massive lawsuits.

  5. JD Gillam says

    Watch Cursed Films on Shudder – especially about the Twilight Zone incident. Man, the guy they interview still blames himself to this day.

  6. Don Duke says

    Actors are softcocks in other words.Injuries come with the job. Compensation yeah, but not the exorbitant amount they ask for.

  7. Aron Apostolis says

    Glover didn't turn down the opportunity to appear in the BTTF sequel, he was replaced without notice – according to both Glover himself and Jeffrey Weissman who replaced him. What gall to replace an actor and disguise the new actor to look like the one that was replaced…

  8. Ahmose2070 says

    I remember the Twilight Zone Movie and that negligence lawsuit. That put all of Hollywood on notice. The way movie stunts were done was called into question.

  9. mamberu says

    Personally, I felt the art in Avatar was closer to shan shui than to most of Roger Dean's works. Except for the arches, that's way too close to be a coincidence.

  10. Greg Gallacci says

    Hedey Lamar: inventor of frequency-hopping transmission protocols.She was getting drunk with a pianist, and they were playing with a player-piano.She asked "Could the holes on the player rolls be used to tune a radio to different stations?" "Yesh"Then she asked "Would a third party, without the player rolls, make sense of what they heard listening on just one station?" "Nope"Cryptographic radio was born.The Navy and State department classified the idea right away.It's used in cell-phones and portable devices the world over.Frequency hopping can make a transmitter 'vanish' by spreading the signal out very broadly.

  11. Michael B. says

    Avatar === DisastrousBruce Willis === Sell Out

  12. liligh says

    Heddy Lamar was the person who invented the basis for wifi and bluetooth and had no recognition, that means she had a lot of difficulty and frustration in life and rightfully so. Also We dont know what history there was between her and Brooks. 2) we would knot necessarily know the amount if there was a clause. 3) Pandora should look at outland in wow 4) the filmaker of reality bites had a bone to pick 5) vic morrow was the father of Jennifer Jason Leigh, if you will mention the kids, might as well mention that too. 6) Billy zane was one of the bullies ( titanic vilain). I dont want to sound rude but your way of voicing over, is extremely stressing and unpleasant. No need to shout and be so "energetic".

  13. Godzilla2000orbit says

    the lawsuit on Transformers and the cable use is both a lose lose situation. if you’re going to perform a stunt like that you are to double check equipment before shooting the film

  14. toobasaurus23 says

    The lawsuits that are dismissed usually ask too much. $50m is absurd for work that never would have generated that income.

  15. Diego García Gonzalez says

    Defamation? Well they are sketchy lawyers at best, and we knew that years before that movie.

  16. Veronica Reid says

    Why is the tone of this video so derisive?

  17. manuel josephus petrus Boot says

    Is there a way Curacao can claim something? We need it at this moment with the covid hitting us. 25% unemployed people can use some cash.

  18. V says

    its amazing what some people do for the devils blood (money).

  19. Timothy Cooke says

    I couldn't pay attention to much after I heard Netflix trying to accuse others of censoring them…

  20. Eeriel Constantine says

    1:17 ya welcome

  21. Dennis Caunce says

    Why is he shouting?

  22. Taranizs says

    Lulz. Hearing about that Bruce Willis thing, going forward it's going to be significantly more difficult to believe him in his "badass tough guy" roles…. I just know I"ll be sitting there wondering why he's not wearing a helmet all the time 😛

  23. Stuart James Gray says

    Actors that insist on performing their own stunts should have to sign a waiver negating the director, the producer, or the production co. from any liability within reason before hand. That should weed out the cry babies.

  24. Roy Evans says

    Willis? Really? That is a shock. Thought that guy was straight up. That's a disappointment.

  25. Viscera Trocar says

    Dude, there is not apostrophe in "gets." Learn to spell.

  26. Amadis Demitrius says

    I feel like 10 people should sue this video.

  27. ChromeHaw says

    Ahh good old Jack Thompson.

  28. D says

    The Transformers accident is fucking brutal. I just recently noticed that George McFly looked different in Back to the Future 2

  29. bruce willis says

    Yeah, tears of the sun wasn't a good time for me

  30. newportcity1975 says

    the only true claim there was that poor women in the car and worst of all is not 1 penny of that money will give her life back. No sorry the worst of it is , her life was destroyed for a pointless waste of money 2hr fake bull crap syfy movie that will be forgotten in 10 years

  31. GT Godbear says

    Bruce Willis mental and emotional damages? LOL. He tried to get them for everything he could. " I wake up at night with cold sweats in fear of a pyrotechnics failure?. I need millions more. I'm scared."

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