10 Ridiculous Workshop Games to Play in Overwatch Queue


10 Ridiculous Workshop Games to Play in Overwatch Queue! Here are the top 10 must have custom game mode codes for Overwatch while searching for games or if you just wanna mess around with a group of friends and have tons of fun.

In this video we talk about:
Overwatch Workshop
Overwatch Custom Games
Overwatch Game Modes
Overwatch Workshop Codes

10. Pictionary – PMAJellies (FH93A)
9. Black Hole Run – rosen (9FGGM)
8. Duel Arena – Seita (KG919)
7. Aim Trainer – PMAJellies (KAVE5)
6. Island Party – Jokaes (W468T)
5. Last Man Bouncing – KevlaR (KXQZ1
4. Spleef – Bonkorn (MC4XR)
3. 1K Damage = Next Hero – Jokaes
FFA: (NX45F)
2. Switcharoo FFA – DragonEngineer (NE4X0)
1. UNO – ochotonida (SM33P)

Honorable Mentions:
Widowmaker Animated Legs – Therister:
Seita’s other work (Rein Combat AI, OW Puzzles, etc.):
PMAJellies’ Baptiste Heal Trainer: (A9B2N)

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  1. Blizzard Guides says

    Leave a like on the video if you guys want more workshop videos!?

  2. Ian Soto says

    Does anyone have the code for the "Clone Aim Trainer?" (#7) Thanks!

  3. Alex says

    the one im here forKAVE5

  4. Y. K. says

    You can actually turn into spider echo (copy widowmaker with spider legs after duplicate ends you remain with spider legs)

  5. PetitSiamois says

    The pictionary limit makes it damn hard to play.

  6. Paiin96_ says

    7:45 xD i hab 1.000.000 points in one game

  7. ZTPropus says

    SM33P-unoNE4XO-switcharooNX45F-1k damageMC4XR-spleefKXQZ1-last man bouncingW468T-island partyKAVE5- aim-trainerKG919-1v1-arena9FGGM-blackhole runFH93A-pictonaryYour welcome

  8. zukuGeekyy says

    i love playing lucio surf while Q

  9. George Lopez says

    What’s the code for the rein trainer?

  10. Sathya Singh says

    I tried to type in the codes of the custom games and it showed up blank?

  11. Jamie Caswell says

    How do you play these modes

  12. SWAG ΞDGAR says

    "yeah so these are custom games u can play while queueing"me: laughs in console

  13. Highbreed-Hybrid says

    omg the baptiste juggling got me xDDDDD

  14. Me says

    8:26 that rap kinda fire tho

  15. F8 FN says

    What's the intro music

  16. I am Marshall says

    whats the aim trainer code because im on console im not sure if it will work

  17. Tasty Food says


  18. תומר מאור says

    Please help me out guys, does anyone know why the workshop maps isnt working for me?? In the settings I dont have a spot for create workshop for some reason, and the switch to enter maps code is gone to. Plz help

  19. NotNarfezzGM says

    2:58 look at the cooldowns ?

  20. DARTEX says

    I love playing genji Pingpong.

  21. Heddan with gamers says

    Im a simple manI like skin games

  22. Mac Greenwood says

    What was the game mode with Lucio

  23. Mark Li says

    How the hell do u play those game modes???

  24. Spottedhusky says

    I'm good t workshop, but I need inspiration, idk what to make lol

  25. Gary Gammons says

    Your forgetting the one I found called naked torb glitch instant click

  26. Celtic Productions says

    Ash Roulette is a great game mode.

  27. Hazel Tree says

    I just play them for fun since every quick play ends up in a scattered my team and a composed enemy team, basically all the time

  28. Kaitlyn Frey says

    my friends and i play the black hole one and all the guys think everyone is cheating it’s hilarious

  29. Jackie Wallace says

    I love playing the infection game mode and it's even more hectic in the workshop chamber but some asshole(or multiple ones) also choose Lucio and wall ride where it's hard to shoot them or keep keeping themself so they don't get caught

  30. dubblebrick says

    8:52 Oh so its like minecraft death swap

  31. 方回 says

    Baptiste Heal TRAINER?
    No no no, is Baptiste Heal SIMULATOR.

  32. Meep Meeper says

    Honestly, the only reason I play ow anymore

  33. Crimson avocado984 says

    An awesome is wear you Crouch beside someone to merge with them and merge abilities

  34. Some Guy says

    Finally something that’s isn’t mercy boxing with either uwu or <3 in the title

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