i got the batman game ending it took forever

  2. Root00 says

    MGS V Phantom Pain; was like a half written love letter.Heartbreaking Konami would do what they did.

  3. MehediofBD says

    What about Mass Effect 3 ending ? Where Shepard lives. I think that's a hard one too.

  4. Dorian Gtz says

    Uh, excuse me… collecting all the korok seeds in BOTW is pretty hard, k?

  5. Zero0004 says

    How about games that not only dont have a new game plus for multiple playthroughs but dont let you start over at all without deleting your save data completely or deleting the entire account and creating a new one due to the save data being locked to that account. Examples, sunset overdrive and Alan wake (manuscript page collection is tied to your xbox live account online and are still considered collected even if you delete your save and start a new game. They dont show up again during the game to be collected again) Sometimes a person just wants to start over from the very beginning lol. I honestly wish you could delete achievements/trophies on games you've played so you could work towards getting them again. It's like starting over and collecting all the things in the game again. Some games you just want to start again from 0. Especially if it's a game you haven't played in years.

  6. kevwoodall says

    Nice message at the end. I’ve noticed you do this on videos every now and then. I think it’s needed at the moment.

  7. The Jihadi Mun says

    Hahaha I must of got that glitches nuke ending

  8. elusive says

    Babs and Tim wtf. If Babs is gonna be anyone's wife it would be Dick's.

  9. 64BitGaymer says

    Not really an ending but getting all the Korok seeds in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild literally just gives you a golden poop

  10. iRob Ultimate says

    Prince of Perisa: Warrior Within true ending

  11. Eliyah Montgomery says

    Surprised the the “bonus” ending of BoTW isn’t on here, even though it’s not the MOST difficult thing in the world, I still got lost quite a bit.

  12. thiggy riggy says

    I'm surprised that the Payday 2 secret ending isnt in this list. That's really difficult to get

  13. Nautical says

    Oh you bet your ass Arkham knight took a lot to complete, especially with dlc, but it stabs you in the ass because there’s a secret batsuit where you have to fully complete the game on new game AND new game plus WITH DLCS, which is an extra $20 on top of a $30 game! Now you might be wondering, “is the batsuit good though?”, where you’d be wrong, because it’s LITERALLY THE MAIN STORY SUIT WITH A GOLD LOGO, not ALL GOLD, just a gold BAT SYMBOL

  14. Zakk's Farts says

    killing the president in broforce, resisting the temptation to highfive him is difficult.

  15. Kappa Lopez says

    I got the metal gear phantom pain nuclear disarmament ending – I reopened Metal Gear 5 for the first time in a year and it began to play – I think it's because I recycled all my nukes pre 2019 and I'm one of the very few people in a small country called Gibraltar (30k population) who played it. We have our own network seperate from neighbouring Spain.

  16. Angel Lance7 says

    Honestly call me crazy but I did the trophies in a snap, arkham knight for me didn't took that long to 100%

  17. nabmcfeegle says

    Payday 2's real ending

  18. Mike Horbi says

    243 riddler challenges seems like a lot There's 440 in Arkham City though

  19. nvrCryWolf says

    The crappy part of obtaining the 100% ending for X2 is that in the remastered version for PSVita and PS4, Tidus' return also brings forth the return of Sin, which means that everything they did in order to bring the Eternal Calm was for naught, all because Yuna wanted the D

  20. Dax Retrac says

    Until last week I didn't know Arkham Knight had a secret ending I always went for 100% before activating knight fall

  21. Fate Wielder says

    The original Nier’s final ending requires the same things like drakengaurd does

  22. Darkrow Dreams says

    Lol dark souls 3's inherit the flame londor ending is definitely hard to do than bloodbornes ending imo

  23. ashton says

    i got the secret MGSV ending about a year ago. i had no idea what it meant or why it was happening lmao i just figured itnwas a random event

  24. Zachary Johnson says

    tbh there are about 4-6 different secret endings for black ops 2 campaign and they are extremely difficult to get

  25. Tre10 says

    Are we really just not gonna mention FNaF 3? Really? Ok….

  26. DirtyFishFingers says

    I'm.playing mgs5 and I got the nuclear ending today hahaha how weird is that. I'd never got that far before and thought it was just normal hahahah

  27. DrOrange says

    I'm so angry about riddler trophies. There are an abomination

  28. JP Poole says

    SAO: Fatal Bullet

  29. Magic: The Fathering MTG Vodcast says

    *run the gamut

  30. lucas last name says

    I did the Arkham Knight secret ending I haven't recovered to this very day

  31. BulletProofScarlet says

    What about suikoden 2 best ending, saving Nanami was a total pain, and the requirements were not clear even when you might need suikoden 1 save state to bring McDohl to the game

  32. Matthew Webb says

    Wow those words at the end hit deep bruh. Btw I never heard you get your one in this list. I expect you to take shots at my mom dammit!

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