10 Technology Apps That Can Help You Make Lifestyle Changes in Your Sixties


10 Technology Apps That Can Help You Make Lifestyle Changes in Your Sixties

Technology has been a godsend during the last few months. Not only are they able to provide practical solutions to living in lockdown but apps like Zoom and others have connected us to the people we need to stay close to. From medical apps that remind us to take our medications to apps that entertain or help us to relax and get much-needed sleep, technology has opened so many doors. And don’t forget those apps that help us to simplify our lives and give something back to the planet.

In this video, I talk about 10 specific phone apps that can help with the things that improve our lifestyle in many deep and meaningful ways. If you have an app that has enabled you to make positive and healthy changes to your life, please share!

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  1. Deborah Martin says

    Hi Margaret there’s one on the pollen counts . And prayers for all us Oregon/Washington/California the fires are bad .

  2. Patricia Muir says

    I use the paid version of Calm. I love the bedtime stories and morning meditation. I can also track my mood which in an odd way helps me to acknowledge when I am struggling and then consciously engage self-compassion. The mediation programs can match your tracked mood.

  3. Karen Baker says

    My favorite meditation app is Ten Percent. I started meditating 1 year ago with the Balance app which is also good but now use Ten Percent exclusively. I also like the Streaks app which lets you set up to-do lists that form good habits.

  4. Marcia Gobourne says

    Thank you

  5. Pam Cornelius says

    My two favorite self care apps are ‘Lose It’ which tracks weight, calories, macros, water intake and more, and ‘Fabulous’ which helps you gradually build daily healthy habits by reminders and making you the star of a story!

  6. giovanna says

    I’ve always loved your site from the beginning many years ago. Your products jewelry videos and many stories interviews with guests and most especially your varieties of teas which I’ve bought throughout the years. Much peace and love always 🙏

  7. Tom's Gal 85 says

    You’re such a sweet presence on YouTube! God bless you 💕

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