10 Things to do in Porto, Portugal Travel Guide


Join us as we visit Porto, Portugal in this travel guide covering 10 things to do including attractions, food and experiences. Porto ended up being one of our favorite cities during our Europe trip with my parents and is completely different from Lisbon. From riverside barrios to Neoclassical buildings and tram rides to stunning views over the Douro you’ll find Porto is a city with no shortage of charm.

10 Things to do in Porto City Tour | Portugal Travel Guide: (Oporto)

Intro – 00:01
1) Visit the Blue Tiled Church “Chapel of Souls” (Igreja do Carmo -Capela das Almas) – 00:31
2) Shop for books inside Lello Bookstore (Livraria Lello) – 01:00
3) Set foot inside São Bento Train Station (Estação Ferroviária de São Bento) – 03:02 + Porto Cathedral (Sé do Porto) – 03:35
4) Explore the Riverside Quarter of Ribeira – 04:10
5) Sample local dishes from Porto at Terreirinho restaurant – 04:24
6) Visit the Church of Saint Francis (Igreja de São Francisco) – 05:54
7) Visit the Bolhão Market (Mercado do Bolhão) – 07:09
8) Walk across Dom Luís I Bridge for the best views of Porto (Ponte D. Luís I) – 08:33
9) Drink Port wine at Croft (vinho do Porto) – 10:25
10) Take a boat tour, cable car, funicular or walk down the Douro River – 10:04 & 12:16
*Bonus* Eat a Francesinha Portuguese sandwich – 12:40
Outro – 16:30

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Our visit Porto travel guide documentary covers some of the top attractions including a food guide to Portuguese cuisine, top sightseeing tourist attractions including visiting churches, monasteries, parks, wineries, bridges, quirky neighborhoods and museums. We also cover off-the-beaten-path outdoor activities you won’t find in a typical Porto tourism brochure, Porto itinerary or Porto city tour also known as Oporto, Portuguesa.

10 Things to do in Porto, Portugal Travel Guide Video Transcript: (OPORTO)

Lisbon is beautiful, but Porto is magical. We arrived in Porto with our taxi driver’s words still ringing in our ears, and we’re happy to say, the city did not disappoint!

Our time in Porto was spent sipping on Port wine, soaking in the views across the Douro River, wandering through the hilly streets, and marvelling at buildings covered in blue tiles.

In this travel guide, we’re going to share a little bit of Porto’s magic with you, and also show you some of the things you too can see, eat, and drink when you visit Porto!

Known as the Chapel of Souls, this church is covered in tiles that represent moments in the life of Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Catherine.

This bookstore is a feast for the eyes. The bookstore was even frequented by JK Rowling when she taught English in Porto, and it’s reported to have been an inspiration in her Harry Potter series.

We continued our walk downhill until we reached the São Bento Train Station.

Porto Cathedral is one of the oldest landmarks in the city with cloisters where the walls are covered in blue tiles.

We reached the neighbourhood of Ribeira, which sits right on the shores of the Douro River. This neighbourhood is lined with many sidewalk cafes, bars, and restaurants, so it’s a nice place to rest your legs and do a bit of people watching. Feeling hungry we wandered down some of the back streets until we found a small restaurant serving up local specialities.

We made time for one more attraction: the Church of Saint Francis.

The Bridge we had all been waiting for was Dom Luis the first Bridge, which spans the Douro River. The lower deck carries regular traffic with narrow walkways for those on foot, and the upper deck is reserved for pedestrians and the metro lines.

For the best views of Porto, you need to walk the upper deck!

There was only one thing on our minds: visit one of the many wineries that line this side of the river! We ended up walking into Croft for a wine tasting without need for an appointment, and this turned out to be one of our favourite activities in Porto!

Filled to the brim with port wine, cheese and chocolate, we enjoyed a light stroll along the Douro River, watching the boats bob in the water.

That’s a wrap for our visit to Porto! We hope you guys enjoyed following along and that you got a few ideas for your own trip. If you have any other suggestions of fun things to do in and around Porto, feel free to share those with travellers in the comments below.

This is part of our Travel in Portugal video series showcasing Portuguese food, Portuguese culture and Portuguese cuisine.

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