10 Things You Can Clean with Dish Soap! (Clean My Space)


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We made this video way back in 2013, but we had an issue and it needed to be re-uploaded – so, we figured Throwback Thursday would be a great time to do it!

Enjoy this CMS classic where Melissa Maker shares 10 things you can quickly and easily clean with simple dish soap – or dish liquid – or whatever you want to call it!


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  1. Zephdo TV says

    OMG, I love your channel!!!

  2. mohit verma says

    How can I clean my veginaDuring periods????

  3. Ana Camara says

    Greetings from Australia, could you Gus show how to buff dry around home, please? Thanks a lot!

  4. Happy Dappy says

    I have doing this almost 10 year I clean my house everything dish soap with water

  5. Elvalicia Granado says

    Always learn something with you! My mom used dish soap for everything.

  6. Pei shan says

    when you dont have vinegar and baking soada

  7. SimpLee Beth says

    Dawn FTW! Again ?

  8. Thao Thai says

    you are so kool!i like you alot

  9. Cindy Desjardins says

    Hi Melissa,Is Norchem brand dish soap (sold at Costco) legit??

  10. CharmaineJFlores says

    I tried this on my cabinets and counters today… loved it!!!!!

  11. BR D says

    Plastic soap case breaks when gets worn out.

  12. Hellnogizmo says

    Dish soap is legit the BEST thing to mop the kitchen with! Us down in Louisiana could eat fried fish for breakfast. Anything that gets on the floor is made easy work of with dish soap. No slipping on greasy tile!

  13. Louise Ginesi says

    If you use on grimy tile floors just a tad, do you have to rinse

  14. Bellarosa says

    Hiya, thanks for the lovely video. What about mirrors, same as glass?

  15. Najeeb ullah says


  16. Jenny Monroe says

    3:03 Weed killer!!!! Perfect! Thank you! Vinegar, salt & dish soap

  17. erala 90 says

    does it kill germs

  18. Garden Of Roses says

    I really like your channel ?❤️ and your tips are very useful.

  19. Nadirah Akines says

    I love the cleaning tips

  20. hyacinth s says

    How to get rid of Cockroaches. Any Solution or Product?

  21. hyacinth s says

    How to clean the grill in a window or Doors. Most Indian Homes has it.

  22. VeryGreenly says

    Omg why did you put peanut butter Chad’s hair??? Lol. Dying! You guys must be bored!

  23. help I am a turtle trapped in a human's body says

    The dish soap left my laminate dull and streaky but I followed the Instructions exactly 🙁 am I doing something wrong sonehow?

  24. S B says

    So, when you mop your floors with dish soap and warm water, you don't need to rinse?

  25. Deborah Rich says

    What is the best way to clean blinds?

  26. Carmen Montanez says

    I tried the weed solution, it really works ?

  27. Yonny Chavez says

    Nice! Very informative, thanks!

  28. HoldenNY22 says

    I am writing this in Early Wednesday, April 8th, 2020 in the Height of the Corona Crisis. It is very difficult to get Softsoap REfill Bottles or really any liquid handSoap Refill bottles or even just liquid handsoap bottles. Can I use dishwater detergeant to clean my hands? Thanks

  29. Two Eggs says

    1. Do you just use a rag to wipe the soapy water away when you clean stuff like countertops? Will dish soap specifically leave behind less soapy buildup? 2. Can I use soap and water to clean walls or will it damage paint? 3. If I use dish soap on my hair to remove buildup, should I shampoo as well after, or just condition?

  30. Amalia Morales says

    Thanks for sharing ur ideas

  31. Dereck Henderson says

    Kool video ??

  32. S Tag says

    can I use dish soap as disinfectant too? thanks

  33. Danny Milioto says

    You are a huge help

  34. Melanie Greaves says

    Really good ideas, but I would never put it in my hair

  35. channelforwhat says

    Is she a dawn dish shop sales person ?

  36. Araceli Aragon says

    The peanut butter part omg ?‍♀️

  37. Teela Tequila says

    I take a bucket of hot water squirt some dish soap. Then I take a mop and scrub my windows with it make them real sudsy then I take a hose and rinse them down and then use a squeegee. You can use dish soap all three your house including your bathtub toilet wherever you would like. It is a great product line preference is dawn. You all work lemon fresh Joy whatever which one you like the best

  38. Verna Bryant says

    I use dish soap for mopping my floors.

  39. N Avedian says

    https://youtu.be/2xdS_ao5_N8Share. Follow. Discover ❤️ ??

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