10 Times Video Games Got Weapons Wrong


You boot up a video game, and chances are you’re handed some kind of weapon to defend yourself. However, the developers didn’t really do their research…

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  1. Uday BADOLA says

    You missed that time in Fallout 4, when Kellogg killed the Sole Survivor's spouse with his .44 Magnum, and there was the sound of an empty casing hitting the floor, even though they don't eject their spent casings.

  2. Alucard says

    Cant help but notice the profuse use of crosshairs, why? Cant aim?

  3. lucas williams says

    Fallout 4 kind of annoyed me when the bolt on the bolt actions was on the other side

  4. Unbrkn0705 says

    Actually, the plastic bottle suppressor from dayz is more accurate to real life than you think. While you might be right about it not being durable enough to be used as much as it is in dayz it could still be used for about 3 shots before completely falling apart. Poachers use them all the time when illegally hunting animals, and while they do get louder with each shot, I’ve seen them significantly dampen the sound of up to 3 or 4 shots and you can make a very accurate shots up too 100 yards depending on the caliber. So dayz didn’t get it entirely wrong, they just couldn’t make it too realistic because people would complain about how little durability it has

  5. Big G says

    Magazine not clip

  6. Jacob Griswold says

    Valve games run on a simple engine, the gunplay in csgo isn’t meant to be 100% realistic

  7. cringe king says

    I thought the fat man wasn't based on anything because just look at it

  8. Marthinus Jacobsz says

    a silencer on a rifle does mildly deplete sound and also recoil

  9. Something Something says

    It’s a game, it’s not supposed to be all the way realistic

  10. Abhimanyu Rajesh says

    HIGHLYYYY TRAINNED OPERATIVESSSS . terrorists have no idea what they doing

  11. Reginald Willis says

    How dare you not let me hear the M1 grand ping

  12. No5f3r4tu says

    This always "recocking thingy". If you would change the mag without cocking you would have 1 round more because of the bullet in the barrel. i think many games dont want to include this and therefore always show a recocking. on the other hand some games feature this on every weapon although some weapons dont store a bullet in the barrel.

  13. LukeBlockwalker says

    Also you can’t fire both barrels on a shotgun anyway

  14. TheRoninRyuu says

    Surprised you didn’t bring up the m1 garand in payday 2 with the right perks you can shoot it 22-23 times before reloading

  15. Federico Olivares says

    The katana is just a mall katana. You dont see real and handmade katanas in malls, you see crappy, notang cheap wall hangers.

  16. Vampuric Blood says

    you forgot to add skyrim onto #3 where if you are sneaking with 40 in both archery and stealth you can do 6x damage (3x for stealth and 2x for archery)

  17. Just a box •3• KR says

    No one gonna talk mk11 cassie cage infinite ammo pistols in the story mode

  18. Ragmenel Gaming says

    Was that a dear Evan Hansen reference lol

  19. juntingiee says

    0:23 bye bye bit rate

  20. And I'm Ethan Bradberry says

    "its just a game bro"

  21. glen space says

    Another gun that is wrong is in call of duty black ops 3 can't remember the name of the shotgun but it would lift up the receiver when you go to reload. So it is not attached to the mag tube so you put all 8 12g shotgun shells in to the receiver (Some how) not the mag tube

  22. Adam Halsey says

    I love how the last one showed the very real and very painful " M1 Thumb "

  23. JohnsonTheSecond says

    That's like making a video on top 10 times humans have breathed

  24. Max Cook says

    I was fine when you talked about l4d2 and csgo because like, that's true. BUT ONCE YOU TALK SMACK ABOUT HALF LIFE, YOU ARE 9999999999 METERS ACROSS THE LINE.

  25. Sole Ceremony Productions says

    What game is 0:37 ?

  26. Nihtgenga1990 says

    It's a katana that was on sale at a mall. I'd be surprised if it lasted 5 hits, let alone 20…

  27. Xx Cobrazz xX says

    Dayz bottle suppressor does not do that anymore. That was a long time ago. Now the most it will take is 3 or 4 (rarely) shots, which is perfectly fine.

  28. William Roberts says

    SpoilersIn The Last Of Us 2, while playing as Abby, you can upgrade her pistol, one of the upgrades is described as replacing the hammer spring, but it's pretty obvious that it's supposed to be their version of a Glock or at least a similar firearm, and they're striker fired, so no hammer srings

  29. Desmond LeGuay says

    it makes me way too happy they used one of mini squads clips. (Fallout 4 with only a fat man)

  30. The Amazing Spider Wuss says

    MW 2019 isn’t THAT far off with the oil filter suppressor, considering some use them as homemade suppressors to avoid paying a tax stamp on a real one

  31. Mooseberg mateo says

    what the hell does British people know about guns

  32. Ben Laws says

    You forgot that a mini gun needs a power supply too, big ass car battery and all the connectors and frame to carry it.

  33. Shane Lamont says

    Dayz has fixed it from 6 to 2 shots from any gun

  34. Amy Campbell says

    What did you say

  35. donald ducklin says

    fortnite most realistic xD

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