10 Video Games That Let You Battle Death Itself!


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  1. KGB says

    Death doesn't seem too much of a bad person

  2. Shade XVII says

    The Reaper is in P3, P4 and P5. However he’s only really hard until you become high level and can mope the floor with him.

  3. Christian Verdugo says

    U forgot reaper of souls diablo 3 bro come on

  4. white necromancer% says

    It what if deaths a girl

  5. Alice Price says

    Thanos is the God of Death and essentially the "Greek equivalent of the Grim Reaper". Not Hades. He is the God of THE DEAD and the Underworld. Big freaking difference…

  6. kit flint says

    Other viable bosses for this list: Malthael from Diablo 3 Reaper of souls (it's in the name there…), Anubis in AC Origins (I know, Anubis is not Death but he is the Guardian of the Necropolis and if Hades is eligible for this list than so is Anubis) and Alduin in Skyrim (yes he is never called Death or something but he is called Alduin the Worldeater and his Name litteraly means "Destroyer Devour Master")

  7. Nails077 says

    Death, Travel AgentMagicka

  8. FacTsunami says

    Jules always says the nicest things at the end of his vids. I hope to grab a pint w him one day

  9. Snark Knight says

    Use potions to kill death!

  10. mikkun mikkichi says

    why fight death when you can basically play as him…you are literally "death' in darksiders 2…or in persona 3, where your true arcana and persona is death… and as a bonus, it evolves into the messiah in the endgame…

  11. panthertom24 says

    Where’s the demon in Dragon: The Bruce Lee story then? 🙂

  12. Casper zack says

    Wish they made a sequel to dantes inferno ,great game

  13. Patrick Hardy says

    Death gauntlet I get it

  14. Fatih says

    wheres castlevania sotn

  15. Umiboi07 says


  16. Daniel Coffman says

    I'm rather surprised to see no mention of Nyx Avatar in Persona 3. That game literally is all about fighting Death and keeping the world from experiencing The Fall and the end of all life on Earth. The Reaper does still appear in it, though.

  17. Killian Joyus says

    I’m sorry, but HOW MANY TIMES HAS KRATOS BATTLED AGAINST AND WON OUT OVER DEATH?! The answer is a lot. If you do another one of these videos, Kratos from God Of War has gotta be your number one.

  18. John Ehrsam says

    What about Diablo 3?

  19. Ashes & Legends says

    It's funny how he mentioned Persona 5 and not the whole Persona series

  20. S.I.D. Smart-Indian-Dude. says

    I'll still go with Castlevania's Death

  21. Abdullah Masood says

    Grim reaper in persona 5 looks like death from harry potter movies

  22. Chris P Bacon says

    Nito was an absolute push over way to easy

  23. Tiana Stirewalt says

    I love your videos so much! I won't lie though, whenever it gets towards the end with your positive messages sometimes I find myself tearing up because it's just the thing I needed to hear! 🙂

  24. Erick Martinez says

    I think a lot of us can agree hades from god of war should have been on this list

  25. Lmm Rex - Official says

    Grabbed By The Ghoulies.

  26. Shai Glatshtein says

    What about the reaper from spelunky? That bugger chases you if you hang around in a level too long!

  27. Chris Nuugat says

    The Phantom from Kingdom Hearts

  28. Captain Cosmos says

    Nito kinda is a pushover though.

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