10 ways Android 10 will help you


Introducing Android 10 – accessible, inclusive and safe. See the latest features that make it our most helpful release yet.

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  1. no one says

    Sorry, but I stuck on Android 5.1

  2. SHOOKEN says

    0:46 Praise Android Jesus. I absolutely HATE that Postmates requires the GPS to ALWAYS be on. And I keep forgetting to turn it off when I finish my order!!! This is great!

  3. Jayakrishnan Pm says

    Focused more on Data Security and Privacy

  4. Mark Caldwell says

    Since installing Android 10 my phone has turned into a bag of sh*t. Battery drains faster. All Apps are constantly freezing. Can't even use a search engine on it because it locks up. Slower all round. I wish I'd never updated.


    Fun fact the one ui 2 video from samsung had more views from this video

  6. RP says

    I am on Android 4???

  7. Abdumannan1340 Adventures Official says

    Does all Android features work with an operating system that's based off Android?

  8. Hasnain Asghar says

    Dark mode? But you can't turn it on/off from notification bar?

  9. josue ocampo says

    I love Android ten, I have a Xiaomi Mi A3 with Android Ten and I'm very happy with it, looks really nice, I love a lot that it looks like a Pixel phone, the dark UI really looks great.?

  10. Huron Toikiy says

    Where's the DTSO double tap screen on??????

  11. David Romero says

    good job Google keep improving Android?

  12. Amazing AK says

    Nothing is new in this android 10 i had all of these options before and i dont want the stupid focus mode thats crazy

  13. Gaming Mobile Games 2 says

    I have Android 8.0 Oreo Running on my phone

  14. Andrei Gaboreanu says

    Who saw this? The time is 10:00 in video :)))

  15. Manasi Maurya says

    Please give android 10 update on reshmi note 7 and 8 pro,please

  16. Amarjeet Singh Nain says

    Is there any possibility in future so that we can make vowifi call by using internet from the other sim in a dual volte mobile device that must be cost efficient & uninterrupted data connectivity while receiving calls from both the sim with even call waiting from the other sim too??

  17. Luxury arranged Lifestyle says

    Hi AllPlease we need in the new version of android all the icons of all applications in real best Full HD resolution quality clarity , soon please.

  18. David Romero says

    Thank you very much I already have Android 10 on my Google phone,Features are super handy keep going with Android 11?

  19. diko manz says

    Does become Samsung galaxy a20e android 10?

  20. Kuda Ponde says

    I need this OS

  21. Mudit Jhawar says

    I don't have the captions feature on my device with Android10

  22. Sheldon Bell says

    Take that Huawei new OS

  23. Mody Safa says

    Android system seeks perfection even if it doesn't already reached it.

  24. kj3283w says

    I don't know what else is missing on Android, we got so much as of now.

  25. Chicken says

    and they didnt even change the bad looking emojis, wow.

  26. binsar marbun says

    My android 5.1.1Crying…..

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