10 Ways Games Punish You For Not Playing Them


You’d better give these games your undivided attention, or else…

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  1. AnimeVampireFanGirl says

    I only have Nintendo dogs and animal crossingThey're very old old game versions. And I never had my dog disappear

  2. Ritz Kola says

    W H O T F P L A Y S H O R R O R G A M E S?Y’all are sick in the head

  3. Rock Roll And Run says


  4. Jack Simon says

    Or you could just pause the game

  5. RyeBananaBread says

    8:20 I think I would let this thing die

  6. Boultar says

    I love how they put RadBrad clips in almost every video

  7. Doge Charger says

    I think Dead Rising 3 should be a honorable mention, a nuke goes off if your just feel like exploring and not fully do the mission

  8. David says

    Seaman has a penis on his head! Seaman’s a dickhead!

  9. Zak Kaufman says

    FarCry 4You can, in fact start a new game after not doing anything the first time

  10. HeisenBurg Playz says

    For far cry 4 it's the real ending the real purpose of Ajay coming to kyrat

  11. This is Geh says

    The Far Cry 4 one is a reward rather than punishment. I wish I could kill Sebal and Anita with Pegan Min

  12. TzT-panda Gaming-YT says

    So your telling me the game makes me play if I don’t have time ?

  13. Pepeline Doll says

    Nintendogs will come back though

  14. John Crowe says

    Ngl. I liked this the second I saw footage from theRadBrad. I love his stuff. Love that he even got one small clip even with no audio.

  15. Jessy Leger says

    "Seaman has to be seen to be believed."

  16. Timothy Pitcher says

    As someone who once played Animal Crossing, I can definitely agree that the series' demands are just nuts. Never played the series ever again after I erased my game data.On another subject, Super Mario Maker 2 can punish players for not playing the game nearly every single day. If you're in the global top 1000 in any of the Endless Challenge difficulty levels, you could see your ranking take a huge plummet if you don't keep up with the competition. Likewise, your active world records could be taken away from you by players who have bested your record time.

  17. krypotico says

    Check me seaman twice a day? I have some catching up to do.

  18. gdbiw86 says

    Wish they would actually play some of the audio from the game and not have them babble over the whole video.

  19. David Luiz says

    Seaman dies

  20. CASPER says

    All my puffles left me in club penguin for not playing for agesI was distraughtThey left a note and all

  21. Robhellspawn says

    What a joke of a video "punishment"

  22. Lee Girard says

    Hedgehogs are mammals, not rodents.

  23. Oliver Hargreaves says

    Far cry 5 has a similar mechanic at the start of the game, if you dont handcuff , then it finishes

  24. Omar Pineda says

    She's just enjoying saying seaman

  25. Robin Dreier says

    Seaman mentions a RIGID schedule. Did Jules write this?

  26. Becky estes says

    After seeing this video I dug through my old DS games and found nintendogs, it’s true!

  27. Becky estes says

    Lol sonic kills himself after 3 mins of afk

  28. Michael Rowlands says

    Lol Seaman

  29. Freelancer_Krowe says

    Any game that punishes me for not playing is not worth being played.

  30. Bacon Shake says

    That chuckle is thr best eh

  31. dialingdust says

    thing is, is that most farcry games are like this it's just considered as one of what is usually 3 different endings.

  32. Bethany The panda GIRL says

    The title and having far cry 4 makes absolutely no sense

  33. Daevic says

    Ash: "You must check on your seaman at least twice a day"Me: "I've trained my whole life for this!"

  34. AJIB MEMES says

    "more time your leave the game, more weed in your games"Snoop dogg like that

  35. Christopher Brasher says

    My Seaman die everyday..3 times a day.

  36. Chris Smart says

    My favourite bit is when she said "seamen"

  37. I leave comments but never read replies. says

    Coming out with new gear every 3-6 months, while at the same time jacking up the RNG so it takes 2-4 months just to get every piece IF RNGezus doesn't hate your god damn guts. Don't suddenly get a life and not play for a month, now you're behind and you need all of A set to battle the dungeon with B set, but now dungeon with C set is out and since you went and lived life for a month you're only half done with A set. Also any game with ranking system, which requires you to give up ALL life if you want to rank up. Ranking up means food tubes and diapers and probably giving up on your hygiene.

  38. The Roadside Writer says

    “Seaman” was definitely an elaborate prank for Ash

  39. Nipple Johnston says

    I always check my seamen twice a day, some days even more…

  40. Nikuman says

    "Hey guys, we really need Ash to read this list.""Why?""Oh, you'll see…. men."

  41. Dylan Grdinich says

    Enter the gungeon for making you feel bad because you can only do half of what you use to be able to do

  42. Daniel Hyatt says

    Far cry 5 does the same, if you don't arrest Joseph

  43. Velpex 123 says

    It seems in RDR2 that if you go into cinematic to go anywhere there will be an O’driscoll attack and you’ll be in the toilet so you won’t be able to fight back

  44. ThatWhiteGuy says

    How is the Far Cry 4 secret ending punishment? It's the best ending.

  45. Juan J Miranda says

    ahhhh apparently I'm five… "Seaman" no regrets though

  46. gary hansen says

    In TESV: Skyrim, if you stand idle too long w/o pausing, a group of hitmen will approach you and try to kill you. I say “try” bc if you take ctrl of your character again while the lead hitman is talking, you can choose to fight them or run away. However, if you stand still, they’ll kill you

  47. TFSpider says

    …SeamanI love Ash. Can hear her holding back laughter

  48. Samy Baril says

    For the Animal Crossing serie, you forgot something. It's true that your villagers will leave your town randomly in the other games. But in New Horizon, they won't leave your island without you authorization.

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