10 Ways I Changed My Lifestyle for Emotional Peace || Embracing Slow Living & Rejecting Stress


Hello my lovely friend! Today we are going to be doing a pretty basic video covering the topic of emotional and mental peace, and the lifestyle changes I’ve made to pursue slow living. Although I feel like we are only scratching the surface here, it really wasn’t difficult to pinpoint a few things in my life that have helped me achieve MUCH higher levels of mental and emotional stability. I hope this is helpful to you, or at the very least, I hope you feel inspired to reflect upon your own life and maybe pinpoint some shifts that would improve your peace. Sending you so much love! Xoxo


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Thank you so much for watching. I post videos 2 times a week, but if you’re hungry for more of this content, please check out my blog! I write 2 times a week, and always take time to discuss femininity, character growth, and of course… homemaking tips! Xoxo!

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  1. WEBAZE Labs says

    Yess and I would add, welcome how you feel, as it is, because anything you feel ia valuable

  2. Elizabeth says

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  4. Aida K says

    In a world that emphasizes “feminism” and how women should want to work, your channel is such a nice break and reminder that it is okay to not want those things. Thank you 💕💕💕

  5. Mi G says


  6. Stacy Rodriguez says

    Can you please do a video on how you overcame laziness/fatigue. This has a strong hold in my life. I'm tired of feeling tired.

  7. Shantal Michiel says

    Its so nice to watch one of your videos again, we love you so much ❤️

  8. Anita Carter says

    Achieve, achieve, achieve,…🙄 Society tells us if we’re not achieving that we’re not a good person… Not true! We all have our own journey to follow be unique, be yourself… Do YOU 😁💜👸🏻💜

  9. princesscharlott1983 says

    Don’t work, anddon’t have kids too – don’t forget these two big things! Sliiiiiightly easier to live slower/easier..

  10. Paraskevi Tzannetakou says

    She makes me calm and gives me strength ❤️ thank you ❤️

  11. Lillian Brewer says

    Who do you follow for health and fitness? Where do you do your research?

  12. Viv Veene says

    Please do a video about relocating to the Country vs living in the City. I am at a crossroads right now.

  13. lawschoolchica says

    How did you irk on your passive aggressiveness? I know I need A LOT of work in that area…

  14. AllaCinderella says

    The 25+ who disliked, just aren’t ready yet🤗.

  15. Olivia Nowakowski says

    Bless you and your family!

  16. Dini Desviana says

    Please make a video about how to be a mature and graceful woman 🙏🙏🙏

  17. Cozy Kimmi says

    Such great ideas!!

  18. CraftsAndMore315 says

    Regarding dressing how you want, I agree, it is good to be yourself. However, people should also take into consideration that other have to look at us so I would not go out in public inappropriately dressed either, but being yourself and being okay with your own style and decorating your house how you want is definitely something someone should do, and not be afraid of what others will say of think. Others are not living your life, they do not have to live with your consequences if you make a mistake based on their bad judgment or counsel, so always listen to your own heart and your own conscience, that still small voice inside, because it will never lead you astray. As for me, I wear dresses everyday because that is just what I feel most comfortable in. I have pants, but I rarely wear them. And I love having my home decorated in way where I want to come home to it and I feel relaxed and comfortable in my home, why, because it is my home, and if other people don't like it that is okay. Let them decorate their home how they want and I will decorate my home how I want because I am the one who has to live in my home not them. And anyone who tells a person how to decorate their house is not allowing others to be themselves. It's a control thing. Don't let others control you or tell you what to do. Remember that no one can make you feel inferior without your permission, so don't give people permission to make you feel inferior. It's a choice, and the choice is yours to allow or not to allow it. I hope this helps. 🙂 Christine

  19. CraftsAndMore315 says

    Regarding budgets, what my Mom used to do and what I now do is to find an empty can that you don't use. I use an old cocoa can, it's metal, and it is the same can my mother used when I was growing up, and I'm not sure where she got it, from her mother (?). Anyway, and some people may do this already or have their own version of it. I put my coins in this cocoa can as well as any lose money I find around the house like on tv tables, between couch cushions when cleaning, coins on the floor, coins in clothing that was in pockets before I do the laundry, all of that money goes into the cocoa can. When the cocoa can is full or near full, I will turn in my coins for bills and put those bills back into the cocoa can and then start filling it up again with coins. I keep this cocoa can for emergency money only. It is not a part of my budget, but if I ever run short in my budget, I have that emergency money to fall back on and then I either replace the money later or I don't replace it and just let it go but keep filling up the cocoa can with whatever lose chance I find or have in my wallet. It's a nice way to have a financial cushion to fall back on if you ever run short some months or weeks on your budget. As for the metal cocoa can that I use, I simply use that because I inherited or got the cocoa can after my mother died, but you can use any container you want, something pretty, you can decorate that container however you want, make it your own. I generally keep my cocoa can in the kitchen in a back corner, out of sight out of mind so to speak so I'm not tempted to use it or the money if I don't need it, but it is also there for me to put my lose change into. You will be surprised how much you can save up with lose change and it is a nice cushion to fall back on or to know that you have just in case you need it. I hope this helps. 🙂 Christine

  20. S G says

    Emotional peace 🌸Social media detox 🌸Financial stability 🌸Working on flaws🌸Reevaluate relationships🌸Dress how you want🌸Swim upstream ( pursue what you want )🌸Maintain your body(health,appearance )🌸turn down the volume (simplify your life)🌸connect with nature 🌸soak in gratitude

  21. Unyce May says

    Hello 👋🏽 beautiful sis, I’ve been watching you for a long time but never made a comment, Thank you for sharing your tips, words of encouragement and wisdom, I love your channel and we’re both pregnant🤰🏾😂❤️from 🇬🇭✌🏽

  22. Kelsey Hagen says

    Hope your morning sickness has subsided! You and I are about a week apart and I’ve been so relieved over the last few weeks to be done with morning sickness 😊 it’s so rewarding!

  23. Heather Tracy says

    I feel like thats one of the best parts about getting older, is not caring as much what people think of me.

  24. Tamara Gitierrez says

    Mrs.Midwest thank you so much for making this videos. I was wondering if you can make video on for to mature in your life and in the faith. I would appreciate if you do.

  25. Heleriin T says

    I'm so thankful for your videos. So grateful for the way God created us male and female. I have so much peace. With the changes in my life and mindset I can actually remember that I'm a female and I don't need to compete with people at work etc.This morning when I woke up I felt like I wanted to pick up knitting again. The last time I did it was in middle school in homemaking class which I unfortunately didn't appreciate enough. But I remembered almost everything and I spent half of my day making mittens 🙂

  26. Jessica Sophia Pach says

    You are amazing in every way! <3

  27. Lauren McCarthy says

    I needed to see this today ! ❤️ You always have excellent content. Btw , you’re glowing ! 👶🏼😊

  28. maira dilimiti says

    I would love to see more videos about friendship from you. Just like all the videos you do about marriage and relationships.

  29. Amreen Azam says

    I like your traditional is so much better x

  30. Amreen Azam says

    I think your normal and everyone is strange. I don’t like America’s view of women to be a boss woman don’t like it!

  31. Elenor Oliphant says

    Loved the last point! Even though I prefer to be a working women in future I really love to take insights from your life! A lot of them💜 love from India!

  32. LifestyleOfLaura says

    Slow living used to be my vacation time. Now I've learned how to practice slow living every day. I definitely could use a technology break. Thank you for sharing!

  33. Emily S Miller says

    Great help!!! Thank you ❤️

  34. Claudia Tomic says

    I started to watch your videos and it open my eyes in so many ways. Thank you so much, I gained a new joy and today I don't struggle anymore in what to dress, because I know my value and is not about showing more skin or about even using male clothing. Is just about being me the female God created and how this gives peace in my soul. You also gave me words to heal my heart when I was home with my kids and most of my friends would work and keep the kids at daycare. I felt so guilt for being with them home but watching your videos as I said, showed me how much I was under this culture influence. I just want to encourage you, thank you for being vulnerable and by teaching us what is in your heart. And I believe God is putting this in your heart to help other women too. So praise the Lord for awaking in us all the strength and identity we have as women. I am praying for a blessed pregnancy for you. And with God blessings, when the time arrive and you post videos about motherhood and how to be a thriving woman while looking for the kids full time I will be listening sister 💖 I have a huge tip for your preparation for the new baby, buy patience, lots of discipline for yourself, love and trust that God will everyday teach you how to help your family and yourself. 💖

  35. Regina Semenenko says

    I'm not sure how I could do this since I work 60 hours a week. I'd like to be able to do it, though. It seems like I'm burning the candle at both ends.

  36. Renee Chung says

    Aww such a lovely video as always! <3

  37. Quy Nguyen says

    Thank you

  38. Saira Ali says

    This was a much needed video. Thank you 🙏

  39. Nicole Danielle says

    I haven’t had social media since 2016! Best decision I’ve made in a while.

  40. graceful swans says

    literally sobbing right now because of school and grades. thank you for posting this video

  41. Sergiy Kondratenko says

    Review of Laptops for you: https://youtu.be/JCepGWR9b1w

  42. Alexandria Hamilton says

    Jesus loves you. The gospel is offered and welcomed to everyone that believes. Jesus died to take the punishment for your sins from his love for you and rose again 3 days later. If you believe that Jesus died for your sins and invite him to be your personal Lord and Savior, he will help you to turn from your sins and repent in his name, along with being saved in the kingdom of heaven and being set free from the bondage of sin. If you choose to reject Jesus and the gospel that’s offered to you, there’s no longer a sacrifice for your sins rather, a punishment given to you to pay for your own sins in eternal fire because of the rejection of the gospel. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, repent from your sins in his name, get baptized and trust in him to save you in his kingdom and you’ll be saved! I hope this blesses your life.

  43. derps says

    I really needed to hear this today ❤️

  44. Teaching Reading Dreaming says

    My husband and I began the Ramsey plan to Financial Peace the month after we got married last year. Our budget truly gives us freedom! I love this tip so much. Can't recommend a budget enough! Also, having a budget buddy works wonders, too! Our best couple friends have the same mindset, and they are amazing encouragers to us. Instead of "keeping up with Joneses," we can all encourage each other!💚

  45. Sergiy Kondratenko says

    Budget Smartphone for you – Review: https://youtu.be/O6iOVurf2OY

  46. Amira Safwat says

    I love your new hair.

  47. Jacqueline Juana says

    Thank you 💕

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