10 YARDS: Fantasy Football


A Ridiculous and Goof Ball Fantasy Football Documentary from award-winning filmmakers – Hunter Weeks and Josh Caldwell. It’s a comedic exploration of this bizarre world of fantasy football featuring some of the characters from 10 MPH, including star j.fred. Includes interviews from Bernard Berrian, Shannon Sharpe, Desmond Clark, Boomer Esiason, Chester Taylor, and many more.

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  1. Ryan Abbott says

    The League on FX and Fantasy Football Uncensored on FoxSports totally ripped off every single joke from 10yds. #FactThis was way ahead of its time.

  2. Binyameen Panali says

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  3. anaraj karki says

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  6. Dev Dog says

    33333333333333333333333333333333433333333443333334446666544445 dicript

  7. Bdrussell4 says

    Hey YouTube, I am new to Fantasy Football videos and I have open slots for a Yahoo.com fantasy league for 2013 and there are only 2 to 4 slots open. Watch my videos to win.

  8. Andrey Rikels says

    8:00 "My team scored 80pts your team scored 90 pts. i get a win you get a loss." FAIL!

  9. BEastmix says

    "He makes trades that are….. shady!" lmao

  10. camillako says


  11. wildbil2007 says


  12. Joel Coelho says

    meh this was boreing need more football and less friend drama

  13. Pat Jones says

    Why is the dude wearing lipstick at 34:43????

  14. indieflicks says

    Seriously? 10 MPH was about a bunch of preppies riding a Segway across the U.S. This one is just some regular joes living life to the fullest. I guess you are entitled to your opinion and I like both films but 10 Yards is far superior in my book. FX even ripped off their idea and turned it in to a sitcom called "The League".

  15. mamdk says

    The documentary with the segway is way better then this

  16. indieflicks says

    You think this is long check out "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" or "Forrest Gump" Both were an hour longer than this movie. Actually, this movie is only 90 minutes long so its shorter than most.

  17. Ben Kirsten says

    Do You Guys Know where u can get watch movies, full length, on youtube, besides these movies…

  18. styvy20 says

    ok ok ok ok ok

  19. indieflicks says

    Why are people leaving phone numbers in their comments?

  20. indieflicks says

    It was great seeing Brad Lidge make a cameo. He is really struggling this year but I hope he can recover and maybe get his shit together in time for the Yankees.

  21. indieflicks says

    Are you referring to the Ads or the actual movie?

    This movie kicks ass!

    If you took all Michael Moore's and Ken Burn's films, cut out the best parts, and created a highlight reel it would not be as good as this.

    I have no idea where you live but in Instanbul fantasy football is hugely popular.

  22. essexjoker says

    it's AMERICAN

  23. Airborne says


  24. indieflicks says

    This is the very essence of fantasy football

  25. indieflicks says

    18:30 LOL

  26. indieflicks says

    I saw this on HBO. Very inspiring.

  27. Jeffrey Su says

    Oh never mind. Wrong year.

  28. Jeffrey Su says

    Frank Gore and LT. Sucks for him…

  29. Shinok Aenlle says

    what do you mean by partner account?

    and do you need to pay so that you can upload this length of video?

  30. Retro31 says

    The documentary could use a little polish but I won't lie and say it wasn't fun to watch. Ha ha.

  31. indieflicks says

    It's amazing how popular this movie is in India. I can't figure it out.

  32. gangbangerTR says

    wow 1 hour vid

  33. Anticitizen419 says

    you can post longer videos if you're a youtube partner

  34. borga borga says

    that is special video

  35. john fehilly says

    how is a vid this long on youtube

  36. indieflicks says

    yeah, you need a partner account. Check it out: There are like 700,000 other videos longer than 10 mins. on youtube so stop acting so goddam dumbfounded. Just grab some popcorn and watch the movie and quit commenting on how long it is.

  37. Hunter Weeks says

    you need a partner account.

  38. Shinok Aenlle says

    wow can you really upload over 1 hour videos in youtube????

  39. indieflicks says

    down ass juggalo!!!

  40. indieflicks says

    Look. Just go to 1 hour and 20 minutes into the film and you'll see what I am talking about.

  41. indieflicks says

    dang it! Wrong link. Try this instead 1:20:00 This is what happens when they allow videos longer than an hour!

  42. indieflicks says

    1:20 Check out the ICP shirt. He must be a down as juggalo.

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