10-Year-Old AMAZING Soccer Skills | Future Barcelona STAR?


10-year-old Dylan Pimentel has soccer skills you need to see to BELIEVE!

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COMMENT with your favorite soccer player!

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  1. Whistle says

    COMMENT with your favorite soccer player!

  2. Parkour Ryall says

    What about recovery

  3. Ben the Football Kid says

    No days off he said 6 days a week

  4. Ben the Football Kid says

    Football not soccer

  5. Ben the Football Kid says

    Barcelona lol

  6. Salvator Martorana says

    It's pepes son

  7. Patrick Bonsu Jr. says

    On god I train with that kid and that’s my trainer

  8. Kyera Short says

    mad respect for him I play to keep working bud

  9. Alexandre Le Feuvre says

    With all the equipment he has i don't really consider him a good player like he's pretty average and certainly not a Barcelona Super Star.

  10. H.K Trick shots says

    Bro dis man has shoes for every outfit my mom got me black shoes to match with everything

  11. Tigerlilly Young says

    Everyone stop saying there fake you are all so jealous 😂😂

  12. Emma McNair says

    Why do people keep hating on him for calling it soccer? It's just the way they call it in his country. Jeez.

  13. Laito says

    Where does he train?

  14. Zayed Abdulla Al Zain says

    It’s Called Footabll

  15. TrainFear says


    him: i train 6 days a week

  16. Meliodas Dragon Sin says

    Im a soccer player and he is really good i would definitely want him on my team 😌

  17. Zoe Pekins says
  18. Aaron Gorham says

    Dis man really going into some giant recovery chamber like wtf you don't need that. All I have is a foam roller and it works perfectly.

  19. The J Bros says

    Also in my opinion if I juggle with one foot, that’s cheating

  20. The J Bros says

    My favorite player is Messi and I’m left footed

  21. Jayse Guzman says

    Bro this kids dad is rich that’s why they practice so much

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