100 Years of Drag Queen Fashion | Vanity Fair


Explore the history of drag queens and how their fashion, makeup, and style has changed over the past 100 years, from the glamour-inspired, “passable” looks of the the 1940s, to the bolder, more sensational presentations of today.

Starring: Shangela Laquifa Wadley, Detox Icunt, Sutan Amrull (Raja), and Kim Chi.

Artist: Amaany, Track: Kill Shot
Artist: Buried Beds (Clementine & the Galaxy Remix), Track: Stars

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100 Years of Drag Queen Fashion | Vanity Fair

Set Decorator: Rom Bokobza

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  1. Al. S. says

    This was my first time watching drag, It was so fantastic, I instantly fell in love specially with Kim Chi. I was gagged, wow, and I didn’t even know who they were and that’s when I started watching Drag Race.

  2. Sebmaniac says

    I’m so scared by looking at these people

  3. CauãzinhoNinja says

    The first drag likes satan…

  4. Sam Needs life says

    Hear me out detox on Dragula would she win

  5. MzBama54 says

    I love your videos🤪

  6. Monokuma says


  7. Stay. Atiny says

    حدا يشرحلي بليز
    جاني تلوث بصري

  8. Cyrille Mallari says

    I have watched this 100 times before I Drag Race but they seemed so familiar…

  9. lemmy crackle says

    Saw this in my recommended now I'm interested

  10. karbonit 13 says

    А где здесь Кузьма?

  11. D O G says

    I f** hate drag queens bro there just hideous and stupid just be a real

  12. AllyCrown says

    Is Detox wearing her AS 2 finale dress or I'm getting crazy

  13. Jessica Ayala says

    I love that Detox had 80s and it’s just her drag

  14. Good Useful Nintendo Account MAGA Pro life says

    This is horrible

  15. Luna Cugura says


  16. Drizella the Cow says

    Where tf did 2010 disappear to

  17. Lindsay J says

    Angela is the future of drag

  18. David A. says

    Kim chi looked soooooo good

  19. Machin says

    The background music… Mostly sucks.

  20. Abigail Marin says

    Woao if they look like women

  21. xXCatvøid GalaxyXx says

    What the
    What’s a drag queen

  22. Jelena Djuric says

    I remember watching this video before watching Drag Race. I thought all of these were just regular men. BUT NO THESE ARE LEGENDS MAMA

  23. Laura Horst says

    I’m sorry but y’all did these queens DIRTY with this lighting

  24. Bizzareness says

    Don't tell me they simped for this

  25. J, N says

    Don’t think raja has even seen divine

  26. Hanna Rosenfeld says

    So many amazing queens but so much inaccuracies 🤦‍♀️

  27. glossaria2 says

    :/ Love drag, and I felt this wasn't really fair to the viewers OR the queens…. if this had been titled "drag queens do 100 years of fashion," sure, but… La Rue? Divine? *Bowie*? (Androgyny isn't drag, VF!) Sorry, ladies.

  28. annelentur says

    And future:

  29. Pearl! says

    detox putting on her regular drag

  30. IDK videos says

    This is just stupid

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