$10,000 Fortnite Fashion Show World Cup…


Tuesday 7:30PM EST On the channel to watch the Finals Live!
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  1. Henrik Lindberg says

    You are the best

  2. Penny Denson says

    I always wanted to do a fashion show but i dont know how to enter

  3. Bad Juju says

    I love your videos

  4. sayed rahmat says

    They shoudv'ed done the season 9 where old Tfue drinks pealy

  5. Odin Aspinall says


  6. Sonny J Webb says

    1:42 oh I already do

  7. Hex_KungFu says

    Angry pizo fan here

  8. Colby the theatre nerd says


  9. Mr Wolfz says

    9:09 piz0 really wildin?

  10. Gavin Hobson says


  11. Lucas Beswick says

    I watched Ali a a version with sypher

  12. Itsnoahplays says

    honestly i never new fresh and lannanWould be on the competition

  13. Iconic Gold says

    Can you add me on fortnight I’m huge fan Can you add me on fortnight I’m huge fan Epic:icon_ssl

  14. Crazzylion 29 says

    Pizo and I talk Fortnite are the people who did the droop and sitting in the chair and they qualified later in the comp

  15. Ben Barratt says

    Hi, I was wondering if I could play with you. My username is oscar.b2009. (PS. You are really good at Fortnite.)

  16. jungtine says

    the fresh and laser beam one ?????

  17. Rails pOrganista says

    The battle pass season 3

  18. Isaiah Terrell says

    I saw the same one but on Ali a and syphas channel

  19. James Horne says


  20. White Mystery Official ❔ says


  21. Wyatt Davis says

    I am really surprised not one team did Chief Hopper and the demogorgon

  22. Zafeer Ahmed says

    I want another one of these ?

  23. Tamsyn Chant says

    I'm watching these and I wish he still did them I really do wish that ???

  24. Yousaf Sarfraz says


  25. Carla’s Life says

    So much for copying mc creamy

  26. Fire Clan says


  27. Slam Dunk says

    Who else has watched Evan for years and came from his vid

  28. Suzy Khendry says

    Can you do this again and go live on YouTube

  29. Abbey Lancashire says

    ????? ???? ??? ??? ????

  30. Dermot O’Malley says


  31. Get_ClappedFN says

    Brought to you by code: Lachy

  32. Short And Second says

    Nice shirt ?

  33. Short And Second says

    How can you find out the custom match code

  34. Kohl Froelich says

    The lap dance was halarious

  35. Use code Litty armoredchrome says

    That day was my birthday lol

  36. Prashant Bhavsar says

    Do you now Dev I am his friend

  37. Anthony Riley says

    Cool refreshing when I’m one Landon

  38. Anthony Riley says


  39. Bryson Smith says

    Who watched pizo in this

  40. Dark Sapphire says

    So is no one gonna talk about how at 9:05 Lachy Killed Pizo and I Talk Fortnite but they were also Bush Ranger and Big Foot they went in twice and qualified

  41. Ayden Fontenot says

    U are the best Fortnite player ever.

  42. Joanna Villegas says


  43. Olivier Long 412 says


  44. HenryGaming7 says


  45. Xdmarshmellowtwich twich says

    Who's wachting in chapter 2 season 3

  46. Zeb Wooding says

    7:14 Batman and Jerker lol

  47. Young Gaming says

    Me too

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