100CM Offset KU Band Satellite Dish


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Excellent choice for customers living in areas with weak #satellite signals. Can be used for Residential and Commercial #VSAT #Headend applications. Solid offset #parabolic KU Band reception satellite dish antenna.

High-gauge pre-galvanized steel pressed reflector with O.D.U. powder coating finish. Strong tripod struts LNB support for Ku Band feed. Includes a standard stationary AZ/EL mounting mechanism in powder-coat painted finish.

Source: https://cyrrion.com
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  1. suhail leghari says

    200cm dish price

  2. ice age says

    it is 200cm dish ??? american canal , C band in europen 40w,43w, 58W

  3. Sadoun Satellite says

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  4. Sadoun Satellite says

    The KU feeds are aimed at South America. However, the C-Band feeds cover North and South America. But your will need a 6ft dish minimum.

  5. israel22nj says

    hello you have any antenna for the Amazons61W im live in nj I have a 90 cm antenna but I can not get signal

  6. Sidney Mathious says

    Thanks on the motor size. I will look for a kit with the larger motor and will probably buy a total kit from you all like I did with the Ku dish kit I bought.

  7. Sidney Mathious says

    I guess you would receive more channels with the larger dish. I have the 80cm dish and it works fine for me. One really need a motorized system due to the small number of free stations on most satellites.

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