101 Indian Street Food Dishes to Eat Before You Die


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Since 2018, I have taken five incredible trips to India to explore its incredible culture, history, natural beauty, and food. Along the way, I have fallen in love with Indian street food and want to share my love of it with you. These are the 101 Indian street foods you must eat before you die!

1. Petha
2. Bedai Puri with Potato Sabji

3. Ganthiya
4. Gujarati Peppers
5. Maska Buns
6. Poha
7. Ghughra Sandwich
8. Prawn Chili Masala
9. Biscuit Pizza
10. Ice Cream Sandwich with Cheese
11. Chocolate Chip Nitrogen Biscuit

12. Puttu with Fish & Duck Curry
13. Toddy Shop Spicy Seafood Feast

14. Kulcha with Chole Masala & Tamarind Sauce
15. Paneer Bhurji
16. Amritsari Lassi

17. Chow Chow Bath
18. Sheek Sambo Roll
19. Chicken Shawarma Roll
20. Thatte Idli
21. Floating Pani Puri
22. Roasted Chili Corn

23. Mysore Masala Dosa
24. Filtered Coffee
25. Prawns with Gravy
26. Fried Squid Curry
27. Mud Coffee
28. Elaneer Payasam

29. Jalebi
30. Fire Paan
31. Butter Chicken
32. Buffalo Biryani

33. Parampara Thali
34. Spicy Chicken Chow

35. 70mm Dosa
36. Pizza Dosa & Szechwan Cream Dosa
37. Bamboo Chicken
38. Chicken 65 Tikka
39. Hyderabadi Biryani

40. Rajasthani Thali

41. Spicy Pani Puri
42. Raj Kachori
43. Spicy Chicken Momos

44. Puttu with Beef
45. Patel with Mutton Liver
46. Mussel Pepper Fry

47. Indian Wedding Feast

48. Jungle Assamese Thali

49. Pazhamkanji

50. Prawn Curry
51. Egg Dosa
52. Beef Dry Fry & Chicken Fry
53. Sea Bream with Masala & Prawn Roast

54. Dhokar Dalna
55. Deep-Fried Chicken Momos
56. Original Kathi Roll
57. Kolkata-Style Chinese Noodles
58. Puchka
59. Rasgulla
60. Hing Kachori

61. Avil Milk
62. Calicut Biryani
63. Mackerel Biryani
64. Green Pea Masala

65. Tunde Ke Kebabs
66. Makkhan Malai

67. Blood Sausage

68. Prawn Maggi

69. Pani Puri
70. Masala Vada Pav
71. Bhel Puri
72. Nitrogen Biscuit
73. Chicken Lollipops
74. Paneer Chili
75. Dara Singh Thali

76. Jungle Food
77. Homemade Chocolate

78. Egg Bhurji
79. Misal Pav
80. Sponge Dosa
81. Tandoori Chai
82. Bahubali Thali

83. Pork Feast
84. Dohklieh & Pork Innards

85. Assamese Pork Feast

86. Dabeli
87. Banana Leaf Chicken

88. Thalassery Dum Biryani
89. Cocktail

90. Beef Roast with Parotta
91. Idiyappam with Chicken Stew
92. Tribal Feast

93. Tapioca with Pork

94. Beef Curry & Parottas
95. Pazham Pori & Pothu Curry
96. Sadhya
97. Chicken Fry with Lime Juice

98. Tata Dosa
99. Egg Curry

100. Puri Kachori
101. Sweet Paan

Those are the 101 Indian street food dishes you must eat before you die! How many of them have you had?

Where have you been?

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  2. Ruby Singh says

    Oh God! I have tried only one fourth of it.😋My mouth is watering now.

  3. Ruffina Pinto says

    Being an Indian I haven't tasted majority of these things.

  4. harsh borderwala says

    So many beaf dished that i didn't expected 😳

  5. sunil turani says

    Great JOB MAN i have a question for you David, how much weight did you put on in india during your trip. 🙂

  6. Sabke Fyade says

    I want those 101 dishes……

  7. riii Biswas says

    Our city of joy,, kolkata,,,❤️❤️ 24.28 heyy its fuchka

  8. Orsu Reddaiah says

    15:20 is Hyderabad dishes 🤩

  9. Sooshma Kaur says

    😂 what a title !!!!
    I believe it is toyally true, though.

  10. Kalyan Ghosh says

    People r liquor addict this fellow is Indian food addict ! But all the foods looks tempting n making me too crave to have those ! Oh ! Corona ab tum jau naaaaaa !!!!!!😀😀😀😀😪😢😁😁😁😁😁😝😝😝

  11. nilritu says

    LOTS OF mispronunciations!!!!!

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  13. KOREAN Indian says

    Actually I'm an Indian butt I don't know how to cook rice ,🤭🤭

  14. keshav gupta says

    You have shown us dishes which are very fancy version of Indian food what you ate was a fusion foods

  15. BEAST FF says

    I've gone to Paradise and ate hydrabadi biryanai but it was not that good 🙄but cost more wth

  16. Devdatta Shukla says

    I can bet my life on this

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  18. rahul bansal says

    I think you still left with 100 more dish

  19. Shreyash Dubey says

    he gets better in using hand to eat

  20. ravi kumar says

    After watching your video ..now I'm thinking that I haven't even tried even 10% of dishes…even after living in India😭😭😭😭

  21. Aman kumar Kumar says

    Really in India people can eat and sell beef like this India is about to loose. It's culture soon mind my words 😡😡😡

  22. Renox Stone says

    Being an indian never even tasted 70 percent of these dishes

  23. ANKEETA SINGH says

    U missed north indian food of lucknow.

  24. Kowsalya Manickam says

    You missed to try…..Nan and paneer butter masala….😭😭😭😭

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    Who thinks that the girl with him in Gujarat was really cute😍😍

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  28. manvia 10 says

    I feel so sorry you couldn't explore Lucknow. The only food stopage😍

  29. Masti ki Pathashala by Ranjita says

    Have you ever try the dahi pakhalo(curd water rice) with chuna macho vjaa

  30. DJ's girl says

    Tikki samosa chole bhature paneer pakoda paneer tikka

  31. siri chanel says

    Telngana kallu all so very test next time test it k

  32. Jithin Nambala says

    Bamboo chicken is not famous for Hyderabad..it is famous for araku valley in Andhra Pradesh.. the best one..

  33. Varnica Sharma says

    Hate nonveg

  34. Simple Life says

    Biryani with spoon is a big NO. Use your hands😍😍😍

  35. Praveen Kumar Sinha says

    O man! This was great

  36. Raeya's Kitchen says
  37. Nishant Sahu says

    Most of dishes in list are Non-vegetarian dude.And Indian People Are famous for there Vegetarian Meals.So you missed so many dishes.

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