1. BuckShot James says

    I've just got to the man city game and theyve got HARRY KANE, MBAPPE VINICIUS JR as their attacking 3. Big win against them, glad to see you've changed your tactics from last season

  2. BuckShot James says

    They took the % of the money you're getting from transfers because you're clearly in the red mate hows that sly haha

  3. BuckShot James says

    Dude your problem is that you listen to your twitch chat which most of them i doubt even play football manager! if you don't make top half after spending all that money then end the series. We shall see

  4. Guy Fitzgerald says

    Sign Greg Docherty from Rangers he’s insane

  5. Phetole Rasetelo says

    Sign Jann-Fiete Arp

  6. Jacob Sanders says

    Tom Davies

  7. Phumelela lekhoathi says

    loan Stanfield man.. You need to relax you rushing everything man

  8. Finley Reading says

    Manny i would revomend thiago almeda im doing a leeds save and he got the balon dor

  9. 123 456 says

    Manny: you're right I'll start making more decisions myselfAlso manny: would you get Daley blind? Nathan redmknt yes or no? Blind or Bertrand?

  10. Skillerz // Pro Gamer says

    what facepack is Manny using?

  11. ada5 says

    When making offers for players, remove and exclude as many extra addons such as sell on percentages, and drive a hard bargain using lump sums and installments, saving lots of money later on if you try to sell them

  12. Isaac Hoiles says

    Get Ryan gravenberch he’s quality

  13. Evan Hick says


  14. Patrick says

    A little tip;When you are trying to sign a young player, then before you make a bid you select "percentage of profit of next sale" and exclude it from the negotiations. Because they always lock it at minimum 20% and then you are always selling the player with that clause later on.

  15. Will1507 says

    If you add a player to the surplus to requirements list on offer to clubs offers tend to come in more

  16. Ted Nash says

    Get Adam Idah

  17. LiverpoolFan8915 says

    Manny, sign amine gouiri from OL. He was incredible for me and I defo reccomend

  18. Natthanun lojnsirisilp says

    luca connell would be fit in 442 system, not sure how much he worth in your save now

  19. SAWYER says

    Manny when you make signings keep in mind the style you want to implement on your team and find players that suits that.

  20. Pickle The pig says

    I’m fucking done. I have suggested Danny Loader every episode and now that you need a winger you still keep looking at unrealistic transfers.

  21. Will McIndoe says

    sign Joe aribo

  22. IDhGamer 456 says

    I lowkey thought that Afc Bournemouth was KFC

  23. Nana Asante says


  24. luiz danneel says

    Buy Mohamed daramy can Play as a striker and on the left

  25. Le_Chérif says

    You need to get Atal from OGC Nice

  26. bdGaming says

    STARTING TO DO FIFA VIDEOS SOON! Subscribe to me it would mean the absolute world!

  27. Dan Tucker says

    Eze never performs Against big teams on fm it’s stupid but u have to keep criticising his performances an he will perform in the little games

  28. Lewis Wing says

    Cristian Pavon and Quintero are hidden gems for like 7m’s if you can get them before they move, OP players as well

  29. FamsYT says

    This is like watching a 15 year old play Fm (or a fifa career mode player). You cant chop and change that much. Players need to settle at clubs and just cant keep selling your best players to then just sign an attacker. If you look at your history of transfers you'll see that you've sold plenty of players but havent actually replaced them with better quality. You are just excited to sign new faces rather than looking to actually improve on the players leaving ie. Kenneh in to replace Dawson?

  30. Socrates says

    Nigeria past and present team for the brudda's

  31. Josh Lucas says

    Have a look at Luca Connell from Celtic

  32. Josh Lucas says

    play a winger on attack on the left side and a wide playmaker on the right

  33. Huw Dicken says

    Put one cb on cover and the over on defend

  34. King Dan says

    Use in game shouts

  35. Leopold 6.3 says

    get alphonso davies for left back he is so so OP IN FM

  36. Totally the Real ninja says

    Play Steve cook. He is a great captain and will put everything on the line for us

  37. Totally the Real ninja says

    Play Aaron ramsdale

  38. Totally the Real ninja says

    You were at Leeds?? Ewww.

  39. Christopher james says

    Get kelechi Iheanacho,James Justin and Harvey Barnes

  40. Dennis Balop says

    Brian Brobby young player of ajax

  41. Bigdel22 says

    Manny stop looking @ so many players that you’ve managed in the past! Look to the future… “pastures new”

  42. Taran Gill says

    Can you please list the mods you use

  43. PS Gaming says

    Jay Stansfield's a baller

  44. Charlie Hutt says


  45. Life fix says

    billy gilmour is great in fm sign him

  46. KingOfGamingAws says

    manny u need a new rb kenny is mistake prone

  47. Йордан Стоянов says

    Where is Billing sold now if he is sold?

  48. Luigi Luis says

    Good game!!

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