11.4: Introduction to Computer Vision – Processing Tutorial


This video covers the basic ideas behind computer vision. OpenCV for Processing (Java) and the Kinect are demonstrated.

This accompanies Chapter 16 of Learning Processing: A Beginner’s Guide to Programming Images, Animation, and Interaction


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For a full set of tutorials about the kinect see:

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  1. Victor Rivarola says

    5:02 R2d2?

  2. Saikat Das says

    Hey!this guy looks like 'professor' from moneyheist.

  3. 陆欣澜 says

    Where can I get the example 16-13 and 16-14?


    sorry man ! but the drawing of bulb is something like our …………………………you know what i mean !!

  5. Hamza Shafi says

    0:01 Sniffs cokejk jk. Thank you for that amazing video!

  6. RASHIKA SHAW says


  7. Elísio Moura Barros says


  8. Bhavitha Chowdhary says

    Which algorithm we will use for color detection using opencv

  9. adeel nazarali says

    opencv not working in android mode but it successfully run in java mode what reason??

  10. nirmites says

    11:30, That's awesome.

  11. venkatesh sarma says

    Sir, I don't understand why you keep saying that there might be other people better than you to lecture about computer vision models and so on? You explained it pretty clear, for what is needed for 23 minutes. I wished to hear more from you. The lecture was awesome

  12. Hafiz Alwi says

    i mean , he looks like og.Ceb of dota2..

  13. Rajat Kumar Gupta says

    Well done. I am blown away by the simplicity of your lecture. This was so much fun! Thanks alot 🙂

  14. Tega Steve says

    Please, can you make a whole tutorial on machine learning and neural networks with java?Thank you

  15. Inska Fajri says

    What kind of camera he is use?

  16. Adane kasie says

    java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no jniopencv_core in java.library.path ERROR how to solve this problem and this problem is happened in windows 10 64 bit and NetBeans 8.2 on Face Recognition project development area in Last version of OpenCv project please help me Thank You

  17. Froggen Fury says

    Thanks 3000

  18. ninapfeiffer weng says

    clear intruduction !! where could we find the code by the way?

  19. hfe18 says

    I tried several videos or tutorial for image processing but still too difficult for me,until this guy show me how

  20. How to says

    Very effective way of delivering..

  21. Abdul Aziz says

    thank you it helped a lot

  22. Amey Bhavsar says

    How does camera quality affect the performance and outcome?

  23. Bebop Hippie1 says

    at around 5 minutes in you invent a new star wars droid. R2B2G2. He will be the most colorful character in the universe.

  24. Nick dubbeldam says

    Could you make an tutorial for an QR-code reader please? I think it will be really cool. But I have no idea how to do it

  25. Tahsin Tariq says

    16:01 you mentioned Google Hangouts. Do you still use it?

  26. Steven Vlotman says

    Great video.

  27. Amey Anjarlekar says

    great teacher

  28. Artificial Intelligence says

    sir need to learn more new thing with python plz share more videos

  29. Raymond says

    That microsoft openkinect is so sexy. Holy moly. Great video. Going to check it out. The sad thing about microsoft is that they are innovators but don't have much luck in marketing their products and libraries.

  30. Vanessa Angelica says

    hi! I tried the color track example by myself (without looking at your code) and I think I did the same things except I didn't use variables as much as you, and for some reason it made the processing capture video run really slowly (it froze from time to time). I was wondering if you can tell us which things can make a processing sketch lag and if using variables can make it run faster? also, I used a higher resolution of my camera in the beginning and it might affect the processing sketch? thanks so much!

  31. Sana Shahzadi says

    I like your style, the selection of problem that you discuss, and environment of your place is awesome. Coding train’s logo is greatly relaxing.

  32. pseudo oduesp says

    please turn up the sound

  33. Stephen Otondi says

    15:53 lso they made snapchat basically

  34. Ambient Soda says

    Do you have any videos for creating a user interface in processung

  35. yiting cheng says

    Thank you very very much !! It helps me a lot with my graduate work ~~~

  36. Prog Fr says

    How to turn off the 'Auto Exposure Compensation' with my windows web cam… (HP Pavilion 23) ?


    Greetings brother I follow your videos, thanks for this what do you want to ask how can I make a vehicle counter with proseccing?

  38. krod003 says

    How did you disable the video at 10:35.Thanks in advance!

  39. Murali Nair says

    Good one… liked it the way you explained..

  40. Kevin Bacer says

    Thumbs up for this video. Guys if you are learning AI and need some training data this is a great place to find it https://goo.gl/o8YNFr.Thanks me later 🙂

  41. Ridwan Afwan Karim Fauzi says

    can i use cpp instead of java?

  42. hieu pham says

    Hello Dan.Love the way you made these videos.Could you please make the video that guide us how to use some functions of OpenCV library (such as object detected) to analyze the video captured from webcam?I'm trying to apply OpenCV library in Processing but I don't know how.

  43. zdenda says

    And then you realize this isn't just a video weirdo, but a real person actually acting like an idiot. However the informative value on the topic is good.

  44. Paul Frischknecht says

    Very lively presentation, thanks man! Makes me want to give my 3d reconstruction presentation tomorrow in such an upbeat way.

  45. Rajesh Subramanian says

    you got the 326001st fan !:D

  46. Putins Cat says

    I love the beginning, when he is wiping the cocaine off his nose.

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