Was about time for another FUT Draft video… (FIFA 16)
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  1. Disastrous Vibes says

    Hello guys Chris here

  2. Noah Alford says

    who else is watching this in 2020 because theres nothing else to do because of covid19

  3. Joseph White says

    are EA trying to claim west ham and spurs aren't in the same leaguewho else is watching this in lockdown

  4. TV gaming says

    ”Fat draft video” 0:01

  5. Arlyn Duffy says

    Because a ectange student was his cusen

  6. Arlyn Duffy says

    I know Kurzawa I I could meet him

  7. X woodman says

    Did any notice at the beginning he said fut draft

  8. lynne01041 says

    at the start i thought you said "today ill be doing a fu** draft"

  9. Jonathan Dedman says

    Maybe say foot draft next vid. I’m watching in2020

  10. Jelena Javor says

    Chris: (welcome to a fat draft) FAT DRAFT

  11. Tiam Milan says

    I dont know why im here in 2020

  12. Nathan Voss says

    0:10 left footed penalties from the penalty spot. Where else would you take them from

  13. Karolos Rossolatos says

    Am I the only one who noticed that he said << the second center pack >>?

  14. Ognjen Stevanović says

    It's back not pack lol 4:54

  15. Ognjen Stevanović says

    0:00 fat draft XD

  16. Pat Brealey says

    to the 00.1% reading this 2020 will be your year

  17. Wade Nelson says

    Full backs don’t do much oh how the times have changed

  18. DareDevil Junior says

    pirlo is so slow

  19. Dead channel says

    The way he said fut draft angered me

  20. oran lyons says

    Collins n trippier link

  21. Adhiraj Singh says

    Who here in 2020?

  22. Wess Jayden says

    What is fat draft

  23. MSN_elite says

    2020 ?????

  24. Aaron Newman says

    I have a YouTube channel called Aaron Newman.

  25. Dagger says

    "What are defenders good for?"B A C K H E E L S???????

  26. Richard McCrossan says

    Is anyone watching this in 2019 December

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